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So I entered a bunch of stuff in my iCal while I was offline... events, times, dates, assigned events to the correct one of my 10 iCal/iCloud calendars...

Obviously, it couldn't upload to the cloud at that time, but it looked like everything was correctly entered locally and looking good...

(BTW I am on MacBook Air, all software up to date, sync preference set to "push")


When I went back online an hour later, I figured it would sync my new events to the cloud...

INSTEAD, what happened is this:

iCal deleted all the specific info in my new events (name, location, calendar), keeping only the time, and reassigning them to my default calendar as "New Event".

So I have to type everything back in and do that work again.

Is this a normal occurance? Please tell me the new iCal can't really be this lame!

MacBook Air, iOS 5.0.1, iCal & iCloud
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    If I were in your situation I would set the sync preferences to "Manually."


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    Same thing just happened to me, using the latest Lion iCal syncing to iCloud: A couple hours worth of careful event rearranging (done while offline) disappeared without a trace.


    Lots of googling turned up basically nothing on what could have gone wrong or how to avoid it.  There are certainly many cases of iCal events mysteriously disappearing, often related to sync, and these seem to have existed through many old versions (e.g. since Leopard at least, and when syncing to MobileMe) in addition to the latest Lion/iCloud combination.


    My wife missed some important appointments last year when this happened to her (on Snow Leopard/MobileMe).  It is rather insane that something so important to people remains so unreliable. 


    Sorry I can't be of more help, but wanted to let you know you're not alone.

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    iCal is changing the dates and the times of events entered into it via MacBook.  Shift one day forward with different start and finish times.   Have checked all time settings on both devices and they appear correct. 


    Also, no syncing is taking place between iCloud and either iCal on phone or iCal on MacBook.


    Can anyone help? Thanks.

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    Found the cause of the date discrepancy:  on the 'home page' of the iCloud (where you see all the icons of mail, calendar etc). if you are signed in, your name will appear in top right corner. I clicked on that and made the change to the correct time zone. I have no idea why or how it switched to a time zone that I do not live in. Now the events entered are maintaining the date & time the way they were created.

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    I just had the same thing happen to me.  All data entered offline completely lost?!  Please advise.