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Hi, i sent in my Ipod nano first gen to the replacement program, finnaly i got my email today saying that the new ipod nano is beeing shipped to me, they supplied me with a "shipping number" which doesnt work, i have waited 24 hours.


"Your item was sent through , with tracking number 8185217128, which should be active within 24 hours."

Do you notice something wierd?

It doesnt say with which freighting company i will get the package from it's just a space where that should be wroten. when i click the "tracking number" nothing happens, not in my ipad or in my computer.

When i hold my finger over the number in the ipad i get this following adress: x-apple-msg-load://BD8A92F8-E69A-477B-983F-93970DEC16AB/

I tried to put this adress in the ipad brower but it told me that it couldnt open the site, i have never seen such a link so i dont know how it works and where it should take me,


I have tried the "tracking number" in UPS, DHL and Fedex's tracking number searcher with no success.


Help would be appriciated, thanks.

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