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I've just signed up for iTunes Match and I'm busy upgrading all my local files to 256kbps where possible. My library is now up to about 80GB and my phone is a 32GB model. Up until now I've been using smart playlists and syncing with 128kbps versions of the files to maximise the amount of music I can get on my phone. If I turn on Match on my phone am I limited to 256kbps only, and have I any input into which tracks will load on the phone? Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find the answer in a search

iPad, iOS 5
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    iTunes Match on your phone will likely be a mix of tracks that matched and those that had to be uploaded.  Those that match will be available to you as 256kbps, but - if those songs are already on your iPhone, that's what should play.  The 265kps versions aren't automatically downloaded to replace duplicates on the phone. You'd have to delete the local copies and then start playing a cloud version (or download it manually). 


    Songs that are uploaded are available to your iPhone in the same format as the original - that is with the exception of certain file types that Match allows iTunes to transcode into a 256kps AAC temp file, which is then uploaded.


    You control what tracks are loaded onto your iPhone from the cloud.  You will see all of the available tracks with a cloud download icon (an arrow in a cloud), but unless you play a song, or you decide to manually download it (scroll to the bottom of an album track list and you'll see "download all" for instance). it is simply there in the list for you to select whenever you want it.


    Finally, you will be able to see what is on your phone vs. what is on the phone plus available in the cloud by toggling a setting in your music app.


    Here is a link to some handy Apple docs. on iTunes Match, including one that will explain what happens to certain file types iTunes Match might encounter.