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Manish Kothari Level 1 Level 1

When I try and click pics in low light with my iphone 4s, the quality is really poor with a white haze on all the pics. The iphone 4 had a similar problem and I upgraded thinking they may have fixed this. We tried taking some pics on NY's eve with the iphone but the result was really poor. Switched to my wife's blackberry and got amazing results. So I guess its a software related issue. If blackberry cameras can give such amazing pics with a flash why cant iphones? Apple please fix.

  • Dave Hutch Level 4 Level 4

    Post an example and check that you've cleaned the lens properly with a lens cloth before testing it.

    Was the atmosphere in the venue smokey?

  • HolmanGT Level 2 Level 2



    This is not meant to be patronizing but I read a post just like yours the other day. The problem turned out to be that person had left the plastic film that comes on a new phone on the phone to protect against scratches.


    He/She was advised to remove the plastic film and that fixed the problem.

  • Manish Kothari Level 1 Level 1

    @Holman - I only have a bumper on my phone, no screen protector or plastic cover but thanks for stating the obvious.


    @Dave - Posting some pics here which show the white haze when taking pics in low light using flash. I know numerous other iphone 4/4S owners who have the same complaint and also the forum is full of people having similar queries so I guess mine is not a one off case.




    As you can see there is a white haze in both these pics and every other pic I take in low light. Using this phone's camera in a nightclub is almost embarassing when blackberry users see the results.

  • Dave Hutch Level 4 Level 4

    I would recommend taking it to an Apple Store and testing the camera alongside another unit.

    Not particularly low light I know, but see if you take the two phones to a dark corner or take a photo under a counter or something

  • Micha3l84 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there I'm havin the same issue with my iPhone 4s, did you ever get this resolved?



  • Manish Kothari Level 1 Level 1

    No. The camera is as bad as ever in low light. However, if you use the edit option and then the auto-correct feature (magic wand icon) on pics that have the white haze, they tend to get a little better. Although its still not an acceptable result. This is a defect of the Iphone that has been carried on from the first generation.

  • stevensws Level 1 Level 1

    do you use a silicon case, plastic case or something like that??

    if your answer is yes, when you took a picture, make sure the case is not in use. Put it off from your iPhone if you're taking a photo with flash light.

    because my iPhone is "naked" and i don't have an issue like that

  • justfinethanku Level 1 Level 1

    Out of curiosity, you didn't purchase a refurbished iPhone did you? Or have it repaired for any reason?


    A lot of the time 3rd party repair shops, and the authorized dealers will forget to take the tiny tiny tiny piece of plastic protector off of the INSIDE of the back glass housing camera assembly.


    I wish I could take a look at it in person, but look really closely at the glass and see if it's perfectly crystal clear or if there is ANY sort of "bumpiness" at all, or even a slight glaze.

  • Manish Kothari Level 1 Level 1

    @justfinethanku and stevensws - For the umpteenth time - There is no case on my phone - only bumper and there is no screen protecter, plastic etc and its not a refurbished phone. I bought it from the Apple store here and its still in warranty. Infact this is my 4th Iphone as I have bought each and every new model of the iphone within weeks of its launch and other than the camera, I absolutely love it.


    This white haze is an obvious defect with all iphone cameras in low light. I know many many other people who complain of the same thing. In bright light and in the day the iphone camera outshines all others but in low light its just pathetic. From what I was told by a techie friend its something to do with the algorithms that apple uses for balancing the white color. Infact i'm really surprised that you have'nt noticed it in your phones. Do try taking a picture in low light using the flash and post it here just for my benefit.

  • stevensws Level 1 Level 1

    How to put the photos in this box??

  • azitavind Level 1 Level 1

    i had this prob but i read that if you have a cover remove it and it should be clear...just tried it and took off my cover and "picture perfect" as it is

  • Iphoneandroidwar Level 1 Level 1

    Hi. I was also having the same issue. After reading these posts, I took a pic with flash with case on (very hazy) then took the case off & took same pic and it looked great. I'm relieved because I've been taking horrible low light pix for the past year. Would be nice if Apple could figure out how to reduce what is obviously a reflection problem considering almost everyone has some kind of case to protect these very expensive phones. It's sad to have to remove the case whenever we want to utilize what is otherwise a great camera. Just a note, my husband has an android evo and he takes great pix using his flash WITH the case on. I'm losing this iPhone/android war.

  • acomposto Level 1 Level 1

    I was frustrated by the same problem and then read replies and realized iPhoneandandroidwar was right!  It was the case, which is ridiculous because it doesn't block the camera opening.  But I guess there is some sort of reflection causing the camera's lens to overcompensate.  Wow am I glad I read this and ended the "bad iPhone photos" problems for good!  Thanks!

  • MariaBro Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem after I switched from a black case to a shiny white case.   I did not understand why all of a sudden it started taking horible pictures.  I switched back to the black case and pictures are perfect now. 

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