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There are certain files/folders in my desktop\screensaver folder that I wish to delete. I just don't use them anymore, they're taking-up space.

There are "untitled" folders that I want to Name, then... download pictures from a website to that folder.


When, How, and Where do I send those pictures to the "untitled" folder on my Mac?

So I CAN use them as my new screensaver?

... to: iPhoto? Pictures? elsewhere? A place where my computer can then use them???


I've been trying to do this for over a week!

My os is OS X 10.5.8

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    If you want to delete a folder on your Desktop, just select it and use Command-Delete to put it in the Trash.


    To change the name of a folder, there are several ways, but this one is probably the simplest for you:


    1. Select the folder you want to rename by clicking on it once and then press Return to highlight the text.

    2. Name the folder whatever you like and when you're done, press Return again.


    If you want to save images that you use for your screen saver in a folder, you should already have one named Desktop Pictures, which should be in ~/Library, and inside of that folder you may already have other folders with similar types of pictures in them. That's where they go.

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    I went to Apple icon [upper lefthand corner of computer] - system preferences - appearance - screensaver/desktop - chose Screensaver - scrolled down - clicked on "Untitled Folder 2" _as you said to do_ then pressed Return ... No Change, no highlighted nameplate ... nada.

          I've done what you said...

    o.k., Now what??

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    Was that in a Finder window?


    Did it Highlight when you clicked on it?


    If highlighted try hittiing esc, or clicking a 2ndtime on it.

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    step 1: cursor to the 'Apple' icon in upper left hand corner

    step 2: click on icon

    step 3: click on 'System Preferences'

    step 4: in the top row of 'Personal', click on 'Desktop & Screen Saver'

    step 5: In the next screen, highlight (shadow) 'Screen Saver'. Scroll down the far left column titled 'Screen Savers'

    step 6: Scroll down to blue folder icon titled 'untitled album'

    step 7: click on said icon -as instructed by You-

    * there is No Highlight! The words are shadowed. There is NO HIGHLIGHT

    once We get this straightened out...


    Next: How Do I Download/Transfer Photos From a Website TO The "Desktop Photos" I Want to CreateFor My New Screen Saver??!

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    What you're doing won't work, because you're not in a Finder window. You can't change folder names from within System Preferences; you must be in a Finder window.


    So you need to navigate directly to the 'Untitled Folder' where it was created in order to change it's name. For example, on my system I have added my own selection of Desktop Pictures, which are located in Home/Library/Desktop Pictures. Inside that folder are some additional sub-folders for categories of pictures, such as Abstract, Nature, etc.


    If I want to change the name of any of those sub-folders, I must first navigate to them via Home/Library/Desktop Pictures, then select the sub-folder I want to rename and do it the way I stated in my first post. You cannot go through System Preferences to do this.

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    I had this problem too @RedRay an figured out the "untitled folder" is located within the iPhoto app. Se9 arch for an event titled untitled folder and that is where the photos are that your Desktop & Screen Saver is using.


    (I even tried searching for the picture by the name in finder and it was unable to find it so it is located in iPhoto and going in iPhoto is the only way to find the folder)


    I deleted mine so I'm not sure if you can add more to the "untitled folder" maybe you can try adding photos that are not from any devices to iPhoto and they might go under an untitled folder but I saw I had multiple folders called that so I believe your best bet is creating a new folder and clicking the plus button in Desktop & Screen Saver to add that folder to the list of images you an select.

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    I realise this is an old reply - but it has helped me a lot. I was trying for ever to change a folder's name and after this one reply I realise what an idiot I am. Thank you so much for helping me out