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My IPhone was stolen now about a month ago. Well, I recognised I after one hour, meantime they deactivated my IPhone so I was not able to use ICloud to find my device.


I guess they have erased all data and the configuration by installing a new IOS on the device.


Whatever, I have the unique IMEI number of my device, purchase contract and even the theft report. The police here in Austria told me that they will note the IMEI number but they will not localise my device, even if they are able to do that!


So, is there any possibility by apple to find, localise or completely lock my IPHONE by IMEI?


iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Apple cannot locate your iphone at all.


    There is no way to locate it.

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    Aren't you sort of a month late in even asking the question?

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    Damned, now I selected "Correct Answere" instead of "Reply", is there a way to correct it?



    Well, I may be late, but not too late. If the IPHONE was not disassembled by someone, they have sold it, so currently someone is using my IPhone with new sim card and number but same IMEI and I well know that it is a easy thing for any provider to find the cellphone by registration to any cell station, but they won't do that and that is ****... me  ...

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    Apple is no more responsible for finding your phone than any other manufacturer is for finding any stolen item, for many reasons, starting off with the fact that they have no proof that the phone was stolen. No reflection upon your good self, but consider: sell your phone, claim it is stolen, claim on an insurance....  easy, isn't it?


    Regarding the "Correct answer" there is no way of taking it back. But be reassured that it will not make up for the number of correct answers that go unrecognised for all the voluteers here...

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    That is missing the point of what I wrote before. Never wrote anything like apple is responsible in any way, just asked if the offer any service to lock or locate it again with IMEI only, even if the IPHONE was set up with a blank IOS -  I mean, what ist the big deal and difference to "Find IPHONE" than ...!


    And well there is a proof that the IPhone was stolen, it is the theft report and so on, finally it never would be the thing of apple to controll and proof the real ownership, this is police work.


    Yes I too say that it is no problem for the service provider(phone operators), in my case Orange(Austria), to localise the IPHONE by IMEI, but the  will to this by judge's decision only and you wont't get this decision if it is just stolen...


    After all, no matter who would lock and/or localise the IPHONE Apple or Service Provider, both would have the abilitiy to do that (Either bei cell network or synchronization with Itunes), but the wont't, just to avoid extra work, extra costs and possible problems.


    Again, the theft report must be enough and it`s no matter of privacy, who ever would locate the device will grant the information to the police only. Police will than find the current proprietor and invastigate who the real owner might be. If the current proprietor dont have any proof like a purchase contract the case is clear. If the investigation result is, that the reporter of the theft report lied, he has to pay for all the police work an will get a charge.


    With this solution one will always have to pay for the work of the localization service, the work of the police ... and with this solution no privacy will be bruised and with this solution 90% of all stolen cell phones will be found and people will not do it for fun because of being afraid of a possible charge ... - so what?


    Hugh, that is the way how easy it could be, isn't it?

    But currently it's more a dream than reality


    That would be much more secure than your insurance example. In case of a normal insurance problem, all you have to do is get a theft report and tell it your insurance company

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    I fully agree with our Austrian friend.

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    I did a little stint with a company that starts with the sound "sing..." That later was taken over by a company with an "&amp;" in its name and we were told when asked "can't <company> use the unique IMEI for a phone put an immediate stop to GSM phone theft since we know from our database who is using that IMEI and can even follow them based on data exchanged with cells?" that no, the company is not going to assist customers in that way." This included the simple creation of a iter-company be on the lookout for this IMEI. One wonders who the company was serving since an unrecovered phone means another phone purchase and possible contract opportunity. It was hard to not empathize with customers who realized this and called in thinking surely we will help them report these people to the police or at least acknowledge that their phone was in use by someone else. It was no wonder that we got so many data mining calls. The police can take your information down and if they happen to arrest the thief by random chance they had no way to find who the phone belonged to without a detailed theft report and some IT assistance.