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1. Open iTunes and make sure that your iPhone is connected to your computer.

2. Click on DEVICES -> APPS -> scroll down to FILE SHARING -> highlight the tones you wish to sync -> click on the SAVE TO button at the bottom and save this, for easy access, to a file (maybe title it My Ringtones) on your desktop.

3. Go back to LIBRARY -> and drag your tones, from your desktop file, to the (bell icon) TONES (this took the place of the RINGTONES tab under DEVICES -> APPS, if you are not showing this icon then go to EDIT -> PREFERENCES -> GENERAL tab and make sure that the TONES box is checked).

4. Click on the arrow just left of the name of your device. You will see a list of folders.

5. Drag your ringtones to the (bell icon) TONES.

6. Check on your iPhone -> Settings -> Sounds and the new ringtones should be at the top.

iPhone 4S, Windows 7
  • Magren07 Level 1 (0 points)


    Doesn't work for me.

    When I try to drag my created ringtone from music library to library with a "bell" (where my bought ringones are) under my phone, the hole group with librarays are ligthed up (music, film, podcast, Ringtones...). And when i release the ringtonde file it only shows up in music librarary, not in the ringtoned library. When looking at file info it  looks the same as the bought ringtone (except i can't edit all info in the bought one). I have tried with to version 38 seconds and 20 seconds with the same result (the bought one is 30 seconds), it will not showup in the Ringtones libraray.

    To me it seems Apple has blocked the function to create your own ringstones to force people to buy them instead...


    Need help please.


    (I have a Swedish version where for example Ringtones acutally is named "Signaler", iTunes version


    Sorry for the poor english..


    Br Mats

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    You have to put it in the iTunes libray first then into the iPhone. Just make sure that you put the ringtone into the TONES file. I hope that this helps you.

  • Magren07 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks a lot it's working now!


    Br Mats

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    I've been able to get the ringtones in to the Device > Tones folder (both under Library and under Device) and in iTunes I can see them there and play them.  However, when I go in to the iPhone (3G S) and look in Ringtones, they are not there.  Once I close iTunes and open it again, the ringtones are no longer in the Library > Tones folder, and needless to say, not showing up in the Tones folder of the iPhone.

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    OK, corrections to my above post.  I didn't save the files correctly when renaming them, as they were still MPEG files.  However, once I did correctly get them converted to .M4R file types I ran in to another problem.  I can drag them from my desktop in to the Tones folder under the Library, but if I drag them in to the Tones folder under Device, they appear gray and will not play in iTunes, nor do they show up on my iPhone.  If I try and drag them from the Library > Tones folder to Device > Tones folder, it initially shows 5 files as if they will copy over, but once I let go of the mouse button I get nothing. And what is with the original post " ...scroll down to file sharing"?  I can't find that anywhere.


    This is so friggin' frustrating, I'm about ready to give this iPhone back....

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    The 'scroll down to file sharing' is at the very bottom of the device app page. I was starting to feel the say way as you are about this problem until I finally figured out how to do it. Don't give up lol.


    This is what I did: Make sure your phone is plugged into the USP

    1. I downloaded the app for making ringtones

    2. I made a ringtone using that app in the iPhone itself from one of my albums.

    3. Then go to iTUNES and click on APPS at the top of the screen and scroll down and you will see the FILE SHARING and click on the app for the ringtone.It will show the ringtone that you made on the right side.

    4. Highlight the ringtone that you want to put on your iPhone.

    5. Scroll down to the very bottom of that page and you will see SAVE TO on the bottom right corner.

    6. Click on the SAVE TO button and save that highlighted tone to your desktop.

    7. Drag the ringtone from your desktop and put it into the LIBRARY TONES file.

    8. Drag the ringtone from the LIBRARY TONE file and drop it into the DEVICE TONE file.

    8. Now check your iPhone under SETTINGS -> RINGTONES and it should be at the top of the screen.


    I hope that this helps you.

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    All this sounds great, and I have been able to do everything up to the first step 8. There is no Device Tone to drag the file from the Tone library to. What am I missing? I never get success at your second step 8, no ringtone at the top of the screen in my iPhone.

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    Go to the EDIT (at the top of the itunes window) and click on PREFERENCES ->GENERAL tab. Make sure that the TONES box is checked. Hope that this helps you.

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    I want to scream... I have done everything you said to. The ringtone is in the tone bell under the device but is not on the device. I keep syncing the phone and it is not there. It will play on itunes, but is no where to be found on the phone. I need help...

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    Thank you so much.... finally it works GREAT!!!!

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    When you click on your device click on the tones tab. Make sure it is set up to sync. That was my problem. I didn't have it set to sync so my ringtones weren't showing up. As soon as you set it to sync they should show up.

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    Where in ther world is the tones tab on my iphone, i have looked everywhere!  Thanks.

  • LindsayDenise Level 1 (0 points)

    The tones tab is under the library of you don't have it look at the posts above and it will tell you how to enable it.

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