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  • sunviews Level 1 Level 1

    This is the BEST instructions I have found.  WORKED LIKE A CHARM !!!!   Thank you so much. You saved my iphone for I was ready to return it and get my android back.  Thanks Again.


    P.S.  To all ...Be sure to make sure the tones box  (Go to Edit, Perferences, General tab) is checked - very Important!  It won't work if this isn't done.


    Thanks Again, 


  • josiefromqld Level 1 Level 1

    The instructions here are excellent and my son manages to follow them on his itunes a/c. My problem is that despite checking Tones under Preferences on my itunes a/c, I still cannot drag the ringtone from the desktop (made using Ring Tone Maker app and following the instructions to the letter). It appears in the Music area instead.  If I try to manually add it to the Library via the folders on my PC, there is only the Music folder available under Itunes - no Tones folder is listed. Hope you can help, because really, it shouldn't be this hard...

  • sunviews Level 1 Level 1

    FIRST > Make sure that your iphone is connected to your PC!


    I would do it again. Go to Edit>Perferences>General Tab> click tones. Now go back to itunes and on the top left hand side under Library you should see a symbol of a bell (labeled tones). If you don't have this, its not going to work.


    Now drag the folder from the desk top that you created for your ringtones to the bell (tone folder under library).


    Your ringtones are going to appear in itunes just like your music. You will see a list of them (I created 10 when I did it).

    It looks just like your songs except after each one it will have .m4r after each title. These are your ringtones not songs.


    Click on the arrow just left of the name of your device (iphone). A list of folders will appear. You should see a bell icon labeled tones.


    Now highlight the first ringtone and while holding down the mouse button drag it from the list under itunes (looks just like your songs) to the bell icon under your iphone. Continue doing this until you have done all ringtones in the list.


    To see them > you now must look at your iphone > Go to Settings > Sounds >Ringtones. There they are, all that you transferred. They are listed at the top of the list above the default ones that Apple put on the iphone.


    Now all you have to do is assign them to the contact person you want.


    I hope this helps you. If you cannot get the tone folder (bell icon) to appear under Library after clicking on it , the only advice I have is for you to contact Apple because it should appear if you have the box checked.


    Good Luck


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    Her problem is not showing the bell icon on itunes its not showing on her iphone.  we are haveing the same problem.  Which you can not check the box to sync the tones.  anybody else having this issue?  please help  we have done everything in this post and it only effects the itunes not the device pulled up on the itunes.

    please help us

  • josiefromqld Level 1 Level 1

    "FIRST > Make sure that your iphone is connected to your PC!"


    lol, do we know each other? Had my 9 yr old son with me - no stupid mistakes allowed


    The problem is when I drag the ringtone (created with the Ring Tone Maker app) from the desktop to the Library (left hand side of itunes), it highlights the entire Library section in a blue box - not the singular Tones folder (which I def. have). Dropping here just puts it into the Music area (I can play it from there, not that it is any use to me!). Dragging and dropping into the actual Tones page (right hand side) has no effect.


    This is my sticking point. It works perfectly well (following your instructions) for my son with his a/c on a different PC. (He has 10 to my zero as well )


    How frustrating is this? A lot.  But THANKS for your detailed and quick reply.

  • sunviews Level 1 Level 1

    Josie, You are there and just don't know it. When I did drag the ringtone folder from my desktop it TOO highlighted the entire section for me but I put the words right on top of the bell (tone folder).


    I too thought that this wasn't going to work because it highlighted the entire section and wondered if it was going into the right folder.  The files appeared instantly to the right and looked like the songs except each one had .m4r after each one. I knew I had the ringtones then!!! This procedure worked the first time for me.


    I too could play them. These are your ringtones. They are supposed to appear in a list like your music under the graybar labeled "itunes".


    Click on the arrow (its accually upside down) to the left to the name of your device (iphone). A list of folders will appear.  You should see a bell icon labeled "tones". IMPORTANT - MAKE SURE THAT THIS IS DONE PRIOR TO CLICKING ON YOUR FIRST RINGTONE SO THAT THE FOLDER IS WAITING FOR YOU.


    You will not be able to do this once you have the highlighted ringtone on your cursor. Again it will highlight the area blue but you must put the words right over the bell icon labeled tones. 


    To see them > get your iphone> go to Settings>Sounds>Ringtones. They will be at the top of the list above the default ones Apple put on the phone.


    For Adamusmc> .These insturctions should work. I would make sure that the connection with the usb cable connecting the iphone to the computer are tight and plugged in all the way.


    You will not have a bell icon on your phone its labeled just ringtones.


    If you cannot do the first paragraph I listed above on your computer under edit (in itunes) then I would contact Apple.


    The website is standard for everyone. When you go to Edit>Perferences>General Tab it appears grayed out like your unable to click on anything. But it does work.


    I hope this helped the two of you. If not, let me know and I will try again.


    Happy Syncing,



    P.S. Let me know if this works one way or the other so that it will HELP others going thru the same thing.  Thanks,





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    The reference was perfect. It was an effective one and good for average users. Even newbies can understand it easily. +1. /___sbsstatic___/migration-images/187/18735932-1.gif

  • josiefromqld Level 1 Level 1

    SVs, firstly, thanks again for your patient and detailed reply! I've been at this for ages today, trying every bloody thing known to man and finally - problem solved!


    Your instructions are accurate (and excellent!). The problem appears to be that I was making a ringtone from a song acquired electronically (non Itunes). Although the ringtone I made had the correct file extension, it would NOT drop into the Tones folder NO MATTER WHAT I TRIED. Thinking that there could be no other reason why it didn't work I created a ringtone from an Itunes acquired song - worked. I then created a ring tone from a CD loaded into my Itunes - worked. The thing that does my head in is all the time I've spent on this stupid ringtone when the song is on a CD I physically bought the day after the electronic file arrived (I actually pay artists for music!) but I was too lazy to load it in over the top of the electronic one already in Itunes. So, off to load my CD, and the next time someone phones me it will be to Buried Alive by A7X - which will be a very welcome change from the std stuff the phone came with!

  • Sparta88 Level 1 Level 1

    I've done all of this (and before I updated itunes I had this all set up and have done it before) so now I have the tones folder ready and I'm trying to drag the ringtones I've made into the folder but they wont drag in. Nothing listesed on this thread has worked. Can anyone help?

  • londonlocations Level 1 Level 1

    arrrghhh.  this is doing my head in!  The ringtone is in my itunes library and in the Tones folder on itunes; Sync Tones is checked; ringtone appears in my iphone music library and is 28", saved as an m4r file and is identified as a "ringtone" in Info.  BUT IT WONT MOVE INTO THE TONES FOLDER!!  If I try to drag it from the Itunes library to the iphone/itunes/tones folder the whole block under Devices is highlighted and it doesn't move.  HELP!!!

  • j4nzku Level 1 Level 1

    I can't figure this out...when I try to drag the ringtone to the Tones file, it just won't go there! It just says "[File name] was not copied to the iPhone because it cannot be played on this iPhone" <--- what does this mean?

    And if I try to put it to the iTunes Tones, it doesn't say anything but it just doesn't go there!

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    I have a 15" MBPr and a 3GS iPhone.  It is not at all intuitive, nor is it drag and drop to add a unique ringtone (read: not invented by apple).  I tried all of the suggestions above and the ONLY one that worked for me was posted by carlfromhayden on 19 Feb.  He provided 2 links.  This one worked for me:



    The second link may have also worked, but I didn't need to access it.


    It should not be this difficult, but finally my iPhone rings Hyuna Gangnam Style for 12 seconds.  It's a hoot!

  • Ocean20 Level 6 Level 6

    Download the app RMaker and follow the instructions in the video. The app is free

  • werdna14 Level 1 Level 1

    HI, i;ve converted it into a ringtone and its in my tone tab on my itunes library, but it wont let me drag into my device, it has a red cross, also where is this "sync tones" option? i cant find it in preferences.

  • JonnyxPants Level 1 Level 1



    To clarify why you can not drag the tones to your phone. Might be because you havent gone into your iphone settings and between Apps and Music you will see Tones. Click on Tones and Click sync. Now your Tones will Sync to your phone!



    Be sure to

    Go to Edit>Preferences>General Tab> click tones. Now go back to itunes and on the top left hand side under Library you should see a symbol of a bell (labeled tones). If you don't have this, its not going to work.


    Thanks sunviews for laying that out for all of us!

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