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I have started the big task of using Google apps for my email accounts. I have managed to get Google apps email accounts working fine with Mail.app. Now I tried "Google Email Uploader" to store all older emails on each Google account. But unfortunately I see that Google don't treat the threads (sent/received) emails the same, and there is some confusion between the two.


Also after I upload the emails, Mail.app is downloading the emails and there is a mess in Mail.app too.


I'm planing to change from POP to IMAP when I manage (if I manage) to solve the upload issues. So if anyone have been through this procedure and have some advice to give it would be much appreciated.

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  • Mats Jidaker Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)

    So I got it working and uploading the emails to Google apps mail. A bit confusing as Google mail has "Sent Mails" and "Sent Messages" but it works. I can now receive and send emails from Mail.app through Google apps mail.


    The last struggle I have is that the sent messages won't show up in the normal "Sent" part of Mail.app. I have been playing around with the settings in Mail.app but I don't get it to work. iCloud/MobileMe IMAP is working fine with the Sent mail.


    Any suggestions or does anybody have the same problem?