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I have a DP 1.45 G4 that seems to have the power chord re-insterted into the AC port each time before booting.  The motherboard battery (1/2 AA) had needed replacement and had done so, but upon doing this the clock remains accurate but still having to unplug and re-instert the female end of the power chord.  Any suggestions or a possible remedy?  Or do I just live with it?

Reply by Simon Teale on Jan 7, 2012 3:00 PM Helpful

Did you reset PRAM after replacing the battery ? the PRAM may be scrambled.


What happens when you press the power button on the front without unplugging the power cord ?

ie. does the button glow and then go off ? does it power on but nothing ? does it power on and power the screen ? does it power on and you get a flashing folder icon ?

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