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jackieb824 Level 1 (0 points)

I have tried everything, unchecking live updated, clicking copy play order, changing "playlist rules", and nothing, I am extremely frustrated. PLEASE HELP.

iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1, pla
  • markpb91 Level 1 (35 points)

    I have had this problem for some time.


    Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a fix.


    I recommend submitting a bug report to Apple here: bugreport.apple.com.


    Hopefully Apple will fix it promptly because I too am becoming frustrated with this problem.

  • the fiend Level 6 (8,285 points)

    Since the content of Smart Playlists is compiled by iTunes and not by you, the order of the list is determined by iTunes. So surely, it's immaterial what order they are in because iTunes controls that.


    If you want Playlists in a specific order, then you need to use regular Playlists, and as you compile the list, the arrow in the left column, showing the sequence number, must be pointing up. That column dictates the order of the songs, so arrange the songs the way you want only when the arrow is pointing upwards.

  • markpb91 Level 1 (35 points)

    I have always used Smart Playlists, and up until iOS 3 have never had a sync order issue. But once I upgraded to iOS 3 some time ago now, the order of songs displayed in iTunes Smart Lists doesn't show up in the same order on my iOS device, when they were fine under iOS 2. This issue has carried over all the way to iOS 5.1. Like jackieb824, I too have tried everything to get back the functionality I had running iOS 2 regarding Smart Playlists.

  • the fiend Level 6 (8,285 points)

    If you want a Playlist in a specific order, do not use Smart Playlists. A Smart Playlist is designed to fill the Playlist according to rules you specify, but I'm not aware of any rule within Smart Playlists that will allow you to specify the play order.


    If there is one, I can't find it - and I've just had a look.

  • Don Eccles Level 1 (50 points)

    You can specify the play order in a smart playlist to a limited degee, i.e. if you sort by one of the exisitng fields such as "Last Played," "Artist," "Album," etc.  Before I upgraded to iTunes Match if I sorted by one of those critera and then synced the iPod, the smart playlist on the iPod would match the one on iTunes.  When I changed iTunes and resynced the iPod, the iPod would change to match.


    Now, however, under Match the smart playlists are not only not sorted properly, they don't even contain the same songs.  It's all a bunch of seemingly random items.