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Would anyone know how to convert library audio books file type .odm (OverDrive Media) to file type compatible with iTunes?

iPod shuffle, Windows Vista
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    1. http://www.macupdate.com/

    search on "convert .odm to mp3."

    2. Google, "convert .odm to mp3."

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    Hi Parker612


    Thanks for the URL, but we are still in the dark ages with a PC.  Any chance you might have a suggestion for the PC?

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    Here's some more info: "Overdrive Media is a media library designed to work with Windows Media Player. It gives you the ability to view audio, video and audio book files. Most ODM files are saved in the WMA or WMV format. Some files may be protected by Digital Rights Media (DRM), making it illegal to download to other players or share the files. You can use an application called Tunebite to legally remove the DRM and convert the files to MP3. It is still illegal to share the files once you have removed the DRM; you can only remove it for personal use."


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    I ran into this very problem as our local library only allows digital download books via Overdrive Media.   I was unable to transfer the WMA or WMV format although it listed it as iPod compatible.   My library is a PC iTunes program.   I first had to connect my iPod, then select Restore.  This did wipe off the iPod of all items.   I then used Overdrive Media to transfer the audiobook to my iPod.  Next I went in and sync any music playlists to my iPod as well.  I also tried syncing my music playlists first, then Overdrive Media.   I believe that order caused the music to be overwritten, so you need to do the Overdrive Media first, then music playlists.  I did this about six months ago and have not had any problem since transferring music or audiobooks.  Hope this helps.

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    I tried transferring before restoring and couldn't. After doing so I was able to transfer the complete audio book. Thanks geekymom!

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    Overdrive media worked great.  I downloaded a book for the library ... c/w mars ... and had lots of problems, but then went to their support link and they showed overdrive media.  good luck

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    Overdrive Media has their own app on the app store. So download the app, sign in, and all of your books should be their. Its alot easier than deleting all your files, then downloading them again. Hope this helped!