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I am running Logic Pro 9.1.6 and MainStage 2.2 on 10.7.2 on a Mac mini server (with server functions off) with 8GB. Both Logic Pro and MainStage are running fine in 32-bit mode. In 64-bit mode, after the initial boot, whichever program I begin with fails to launch the first time. The freeze point is when 32-bit Audio Bridge attempts to launch. The system continues to run fine at this point, just Logic Pro or MainStage won't come up. If I force quit whichever program I initially started, either program will subsequently launch without issue. If I take them back to 32-bit mode, no problem. If I'm willing to do an initial aborted start at startup in 64-bit, no problem. Clearly the issue isn't life threatening! But it's not right. Any help is appreciated.





Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Logic Pro 9.1.6, MainStage 2.2