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Not sure if my computer is acting up or if it's a feature thing?  It's acting really weird, I notice that in my web browsers I can't use command+tilde to switch between windows anymore, until I click on the window below the top one, then I can switch between those two.  If I click on yet another one, it adds it to the pile of windows I can cycle through.

It's incredibly annoying, as I was used to fly through my open windows this way, and now I don't even know how many I have open!
Lets say I have a webcast somewhere I want to get rid of - apple+tilde just doesn't get me there anymore, I have to minimize all my windows to get to the buried culprit.

Anyone has any ideas of how to solve my dillema?


I was recently having weird issues with my machine (i.e. not falling asleep when shut unless power was disconnected, sound panning left after jack plugged in).

Mac genius recommended that I reinstall my OS, which I did.  The sleep issue went away.  Sound thing is still there occasionally (no rhyme or reason).

I wonder if this is a bug or a new weird Apple feature?



My Apple is
MacBook Pro

15-inch, Early 2011

2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

8 gb 1333MHz DDR3

AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024MB

OS X Lion 10.7.2

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    What browser are you using?


    If it is Chrome try control+Tab to switch between Tabs.


    If you have multiple browser Windows Open then it is Command+~ to switch between open windows of the same program. If you hve 2 different browsers open, like Safari and Chrome, then to switch between Programs it is Command+Tab.


    I don't use Safari so I'm not sure how that works.

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    I use Chrome. Control Tab works for switching between tabs but that's not what's broken.

    I have multiple browser windows open and Command + ~ does not work, unless I click on all of the windows first one by one.  That's my bug.  I've used command ~ for years by now, so this is a really weird 'definitely not working for me' bug.

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    Sigh.  No idea how to fix that.  Oh well... I guess I have to get used to being crippled

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    Peter Berdovsky1 wrote:


    Sigh.  No idea how to fix that.  Oh well... I guess I have to get used to being crippled

    It has to be specific to your computer. It is working fine on mine and it would seem from the lack of replies on others as well.


    If no one else has had this probelm and been able to fix it then no one knows what the problem is.

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    Bummer.  I reinstalled my OS and everything... Not really sure what else I can do here...

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    I just opened 2 windows of Chrome, Word and Safari. Command+Tab switches between programs, Command+Tilde switches between windows of the same program, for all of these programs I have open, and Control+Tab switches between Tabs in Chrome (don't have any other tabs open in Safari).


    You need to take it in and have it checked.

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    Well... This just got more interesting.  I am now using Chrome on a different laptop (older mac book pro) AND a different OS (one before Lion) and I am getting the same behavior.  I am verifying it right now as I type this.  Have another window open behind this window.  Let me press apple tilde... Here's what happens.

    It switches to the other window.  But then when I press apple tilde again, it DOES NOT switch back to this one, just gets stuck on the one I switched to.  Totally different OS and computer.  I think it's a Chrome thing... Can't find any bug reports about it though somehow.  Strange....

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    Really it works fine for me and many others, otherwise there would be more replies to this thread and more threads about it.


    Sorry to say but you are doing something wrong. As you have found out it is not the OS or the specific computer that you are having this same thing happen on. So lets look at the common denominator. That would be you and your fingers on the keys. Or it could be some specific seting that you change on  all your Mac's that is causing this to happen.

    Good Luck.

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    I understand your logic.  But shortly of videotaping myself doing this (and I might, just to get this documented proper when I have a free moment), I can just say this - I had my first apple laptop in 2003, and ever since then I've been using this functionality to switch between open windows.  It stopped working for me just a few months ago.  The only common denominator here is that it's Chrome (might be other things as well, I don't remember now, it's erratic) and ---> and here it seems to me the issue lies ---> both laptops were clones of each other, albeit this one is now running Lion.  It's likely that I have something corrupting my system, and it's probably a few months old. It's all working solid, so it might not be worth it to get to the bottom of this, but if I get a video of this behavior or get it resolved, I'll post my outcomes here.



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    Well then we are getting to the bottom of this. The 2 computers are clones of the same OS install. So yes it is more then likely a corrupted system file or files. More then likely nothing short of a wipe and reinstall would fix it. But you could try re-installing Lion over the top of the original Lion install.

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    Dude, I have the same problem and I'm running Leopard 10.5.8.  I have had many other "strange" problems and have reinstalled 10.4 and 10.5 so many times I cannot remember.  I also have a 15" MBP, but mine is from 2006 (yeah, Vintage).  So, you're not nuts.  I just had to reinstall 10.5 again, issues with lost iPhoto library, 2 of the same apps running at the same time, application preferences changing for no apparent reason, major access printing issues, 3/4 copies of pictures all to the sudden, airport - that was the final straw - spent 24 hours trying to get back on line after I turned Airport off 1 time.  Oh ~ there is so much more.  But, I digress..


    I had the command+tilde thing  problem before in 10.5.8 and somehow fixed it.  It's been a while, but I'm trying to remember and will post if I can find it.  I gotta fix mine too.  It is maddening not having that feature.


    Oh great, the other thing, my screen background going from pure white to cream - display darkening.  And emails/documents being edited right after or whilst I'm writing.  Tres bizarre.  It's as if I there were scripts being written/run/ran as I spoke.  Perhaps some Remote thing.  But, that's impossible with Apple...    Right?????




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    Yeah they just Work. Who ever thought up that one?

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    P.S.  Shootest007  - I know you're at level 4 and all, and I being a mere 1, but this is a real problem.  I thought it was (and so Apple told me) that my machine is old, but Peter's is 2011, so it's not a hardware problem.  It's something else.

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