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ibook g4 a1133 display does not show data. Does have backlight through the apple logo and can not see anything by shining a light through the apple logo. Works ok through vga out to another monitor. Worked fine until I installed a larger hard drive. I am assuming that since I have vga out the video on the board is ok and the display data cable has been pinched at the hinge. I notice that the black microphone cable thats wrapped to the data cable was broken with bare wires sticking out. The data cable looked ok. I wraped the microphone with electrical tape and put the ibook back together.  I typing this with the external monitor and works fine but if I move the display up to about 75 degrees a box pops up that shows options of shut down, continue, or sleep.  By hitting continue the box goes away and the ibook continues to work ok. If the display is moved more to the open stage of about 50% the ibook shuts down without notice.  This again probably suggests the display data cable is causing the problem or maybe a short somewhere. What do you think?

iBook, iOS 5.0.1, a1133