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my phone is not syncing with my computer

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    Do you have a question?


    If you do, can you please provide some information?


    What have you tried ?


    What happened? 


    Error message?

    What does it say?


    Any info?

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    My iphone 4 is currently running software version 4.3.5 because itunes will nolonger update, i've tried unstalling itunes and have tried to reinstall the latest version, but error codes wont allow this to complete. I recently bought my daughter a new laptop and hoped to install ITunes onto that and update my phone that way, but if i do that I loose all my apps, custom ringtones and music currently on my phone.. Please please someone help me xx

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    Call AppleCare.

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    Help you what? There doesn't seem to be a question here...

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    Unforturnately, nothing is helping on my I5 or iPod. I tried the Wi-Fi disconnection and nothing.  I can't even locate the "summary" within iTunes.  For some reason when I plug my I5 or iPod to the computer, the "disc drive" shoes up and my iphone prompts do I trust this connection.  I answer yes and get no results.  I just don't know what to do now.  Anyother suggestions??