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I have an HP Digital Sender that used to work on my network just fine. It sends to the shared user folder (in a sub folder) and it was working great under 10.6 sending to




The machine name is set properly in WINS and the device is on thet network and I can load up its web interface still (all machines on a 10.0.0.x network). However, the old device is not able to see the dropbox anymore.


Any ideas?

MacBook Pro 2.16 Dual Core, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    The path shows that you were using the SMB protocol to connect to the Mac. The SMB protocol has changed in Lion and many devices with send capabilities are no longer able to connect to the Lion Mac via SMB. Based on your current issue I would guess that this HP has the same problem and it would require an update to make it compatible with Lion. Or, if you are able to use an alternate protocol, such as FTP, then maybe you can configure the HP to use FTP rather than SMB.

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    Thanks PAHU. The device does support FTP as well. Should I connect via IP and my system user/pass? Do I need to turn anything on in the Sharing preferences panel?




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    The FTP service in Lion cannot be enabled via System Preferences > File Sharing, as it was on 10.6. But you can enable it via Terminal as per this Apple KB article.


    As for the connection, you will use IP and you will use your Mac's admin account/password to authenticate.