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my computer started moving slower than it should be and i checked the storage section in "about this mac" and see that i some how have 922.96 gigabits of "other" on my hard drive. i have a full terrabit hd and i have no idea how any of that got there. all of the other files are accounted for and make sesne

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    in case anyone has this issue i resolved it myself, after being refused help from apple's technical support for not having apple care and i did not want to pay the charges for an issue created by their program.


    If you see this it is probably from the Recovered messages folder found in Mail. it takes mail that wasn't sent because generally of attachments too big to send and tries to send it over and over while just storing it in your computer and this amounts to massive amounts of gb storage wasted.


    to get to it you open finder and click on the "go" menu. press option and an option that says "library" becomes visible.


    click on Library. then go down to mail. expand it. you will see a sub folder that says "mailboxes" under that again you should find "recovered Messages" you can go into that and delete those files only. they are duplicates of that original e-mail that could'nt send.


    you then re-start mail, go to recovered messages on the side. right click and get account info. then unclick "store sent messages on server." that should prevent this issue from happening again..


    good luck guys


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    Hi Joe !


    Question , I have the same OTHER folder filling up ( 300Gig so far ) I did the search as you say but there is no folder ( recovered messages ) in there on my MBP mid 2010 .


    Any advice ?  Please

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    do any of the folders under mailboxes have big size? (mine were nearly 80gb each)

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    No , None were big . But I cant reach this recovered messages you speak of. I have deleted all but this weeks mail. ( some 2500 of them. )

    I still have 300+ Gig of other!


    I guess it can only bee Final Cut Pro X  Files ??

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    jeeze. im backtracking seeing what i did and its under library>mail>v2>mailboxes>recovered messages


    i noticed these computers are great but any glitch like this can be crippling, when i called i got the guy to tell me the name of the problem then i did the research to fix it myself because i was refused service (thanks apple).


    the final cut files should be under media files idk why they would be "other"


    let me know any updates, i'll be looking to see what i can find for you.

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    I have opened EVERY section in Library mail  V2 mailboxes & there is positively no recovered messages folder/file etc.


    I believe the 300G must be all video files from FCPX.. When I return from holidays , I will try archiving projects to an external drive. See if thats works