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Hey all,

Now that the att and tmobile merger is an afterthought I would like to purchase an unlocked iphone for use on t-mobile.

my questions are, does anyone know if there will be any limitations on the phone? will it work just the same as if used on verizon or att? any suggestions or comments?

Thanks for your input.


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  • K T Level 7 (23,705 points)

    Always ask your specific provider for current details on service, etc.

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    being as they are not open at the moment and I had the question on my mind now, I posted it. If you are unable to answer that is ok, hopefully someone else will.

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    The iPhone is NOT completely compatible with T-Mobile's network.  Had you search this forum, you would have found that T-Mobile's customers do NOT get Visual Voice Mail, data will be slow as only EDGE (not 3G) speeds are supported, you will likely have difficulty with MMS (if you can get them at all), FaceTime won't activate

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    geez, must be a bad time of the month for some.


    thanks for your answer, so much for the iphone at this time. don't understand why those won't work on a faster network but with that being said thanks again and I guess I will have to use android for now.

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    Best of luck.  Glad to have helped.

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    T-Mobile USA is on a non-standard frequency with their 3G, hence the slower speed on the iPhone.

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    What I don't get is that I know of iPads that connect through cell phones being used as wifi hotspots with service on tmobile and the FaceTime seems to work just fine as well as web browsing therefore why would the phone not work as well


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    Because the phone ties facetime in to your phone number and uses a custom (silent) SMS message to activate it. It will not work because of the way T-Mobile has implemented their system.  One of the MANY reasons why they are not and most likely never will be a supported carrier in the US until they bring themselves into the 21st century.

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    When you are using the hotspots (cell or otherwise) you are actually connecting via WiFi, not cell data so the different frequency no longer is in play.

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    Thanks to all for the education, much appreciated.