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I made a smart album today, and then chose to sync that smart album to my iPhone from iTunes.  However, iTunes syncs only 5 photos.  Aperture tells me there are 86 photos. 


I figured the problem was that only 5 photos had previews generated.  However, I have used the Update Preview function on 6 photos, as well as the Generate Preview function on 6 photos.  However, iTunes still says there are only 5 photos in the smart album.  (I chose 6 photos because in the best case for my test, I would get 6 new previews, while in the worst case I would get 1 new preview.  In any case, I would get some new previews.)


When I use iPhoto to "Show Aperture Library", I see only 5 photos as well.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this smart album to sync?  Am I on the right track with the previews?




MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Aperture 3.2.2
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    What's the criteria for the smart album? Is it possible that when you look at the smart album via iTunes only 5 images meet it?


    What if you take the 86 images in the smart album and create an album from them. Do you see all the images in that album in iTunes?

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    Do other albums sync? Smart or not. Do they really contain updated versions of your modifications? You might want to check. If there is something wrong, it might help to delete the iPod Photo cache folder within the lib. iTunes/Aperture mess this up from time to time and there is simply no real fix. Happens frequently and obviously it is a pain to let a few ten thousand previews be generated again.


    You might wnat to have a look at the iOS support community, iTunes sync issues are quite common.

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    The smart album is nested within a project (to implicitly show only photos within that project), and it is set to show all 4 or 5 star photos.  I don't know what criteria might make the smart album appear differently inside Aperture versus outside, but I don't think 4-5 star criteria qualifies.


    Good suggestion about making a regular album from the smart album.  I will check that out soon.



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    Yes, other albums sync, although I have only 1 other album selected.  The rest of the Aperture -> iPhone integration is done by iTunes's "All projects within the past x days" selection.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure if they are all there...  I will have to check that out.


    Good suggestion, however, I'm pretty darn sure it doesn't have to do with the iPod Photo cache.  I tested the Aperture sharing capability by looking at this smart album through iPhoto, and it (like iTunes) says only 5 photos are in the smart album.  It's something to check when I get back to the mac, though.



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    If I can figure out how to close this question without marking it as solved, I will, as I have tracked the problem to Aperture not generating previews properly and I have started a new question.


    Effectively, iTunes does not have 86 photos to sync because there are only 5 photos with previews in my album, and I cannot get Aperture to reliably generate the previews for the rest of them.



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    Leonie I know this is a quite old post but just to let you and others know that I had a similar problem, created a smart album with only the 5 star rated photos, when trying to sync with iphone 5 only 17 photos were synced out of 62. I followed you instructions about erasing the cache and it is now working fine.

    Currently with iMac 10.8.2 and iPhone 5 6.1.2

    Thank you and Kind regards