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How do I transfer all the music I loaded from CDs on my laptop to my IPad 2? Thanks.

iPad 2, iOS 5
  • wiclee Level 5 Level 5

    First you import your CDs into iTunes library:



    Then you sync your music in iTunes to your ipad2:


  • DMChar Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you but it wants to copy the music from my IPad to my computer and I want to do the reverse.

  • wiclee Level 5 Level 5

    NO.  The instruction is clearly from Computer music library to iPad


    Syncing music and podcasts automatically

    1. Connect iPod or iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.
    2. Select your iPod or iPhone in the Devices section on the left side of the iTunes window.
      Device list
    3. In the main iTunes browser window, select Music.
    4. Select the option to Sync Music.
      Sync Music option
    5. You have the option to sync all songs and playlists or selected playlists. Your iPod will need to have enough free space to sync the content that you have selected from your library. Tip: You can use the capacity bar at the bottom of the iPod settings window to determine how much free space is available. The size of a playlist can be determined by selecting it and looking at the bottom of the iTunes window.
      iPod capacity
    6. You can also automatically sync podcasts to your device. Select the Podcasts and choose to sync all podcasts or selected ones. You can also determine which episodes are synced based on if they are recent, new, or unplayed.
      Sync settings
    7. Click Apply and iTunes will begin syncing the audio content you've selected to your iPod or iPhone. The iTunes LCD will display the sync progress and notify you when the sync is complete.
      iTunes LCD—Syncing iPod
      iTunes LCD—iPod sync is complete
    8. To disconnect your iPod or iPhone, select it under Devices and click the eject icon next to it.
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    Thanks your topic,I'm gald to share my experience,You can use itunes to sync your music,then you can download music from iTunes to your ipad,but it takes awhile.not faster,and need to connect the Internet,we can also use some tools to help us copy music from computer to ipad,Choose the appropriate tool can help you faster to finsh it,like istonsoft is a good tools,Only for reference,Good luck!!!

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    Open the file folders where the songs are. Click and drag the songs directly onto the iPad making sure the "music" folder is illuminated. Also on the page in iTunes where it has a color-coded breakdown of disc use, check the box to manually manage music and files from computer to iPad.

    I hope I helped! 

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    "Thanks your topic,I'm gald to share my experience,"


    You are responding to a 2 year old topic.

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    Your iTunes should give you the option to sync music from your PC to your iTunes account. If it has not already synced, there should be an option to open files within your music folder and sync them into your iTunes. Once they are synced and organized as you wish, simply plug your ipad 2 into the computer via the USB cord provided and the option to automatically sync your iPad to your updated iTunes should come up. If it does not, just click through the options on the top of your screen until you find a selection that says "sync" or something to that degree. Also, another way you can sync your iPad is by looking to the left hand side panel that shows that your device is plugged in. It should say something along the lines of ______'s iPad or whatever you chose to label your device as. Simply right click on that and a small panel of options should come up. One of the options should say "sync" or "sync ______'s iPad." Select that option and proceed to follow the on screen instructions. After finishing, your PC music should be on your iPad 2 or any other idevice you sync your products to.


    I hope I helped! :)

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    Denniswoke wrote:

    Your iTunes should give you the option to sync music from your PC to your iTunes account

    You don't sync music from PC to your iTunes account.

    You sync media to your iPod/iPad/iPhone.

    -> http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1351


    Regardless, this was in the 1st response 2.5 years ago.