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I purchased Final Cut Pro X and Compressor but now I need to find out where I can buy the DVD Studio Pro program to author my movies.

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    DVD Studio Pro was discontinued in 2006. You could try eBay or Amazon.


    Final Cut Pro provides several easy-to-use templates for delivering discs. Choose from a set of themed menus and burn a DVD or Blu-ray disc.* Burn a red laser AVCHD disc using DVD media right on your Mac, or connect an external Blu-ray burner to create a standard Blu-ray disc for longer projects like full-length movies.


    You may find this useful:




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    The link you gave was nice, but the DVD Authoring capabilities of Final Cut Pro X are non-existent, really.  Sure you can burn a DVD, but not add any Main Menu template of different themes, nor any Scene Selection markers or chapter markers to the timeline, which can be chosen from the Main Menu, etc.


    In January, I made the plunge and switched from a Windows / Adobe Premiere Elements system to a new iMac 27" with Aperture 3 and FCP X, thinking I'd have all I needed.  Not.  No real DVD Authoring system at all.  And the one Apple used to have, DVD Studio Pro, is nowhere to be seen, as Apple has given up on any DVD support anymore.  (Thanks for nothing, Apple)


    So what is a person to do?  Well, I bought Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for my iMac, for $90 new downloaded from Adobe, and use it for authoring DVDs.  It has a very nice DVD Authoring system built right into it, unlike Final Cut Pro X (or the not-to-be-found-anywhere iDVD or DVD Studio Pro which Apple decided to kill off!)


    So I simply output a movie from my FCP X software, bring it into Adobe Premiere Elements 10, and use the DVD Authoring system it has to choose from hundreds of main Menus and Scene Selection menus, to create a professional-looking DVD, for clients, relatives, and also Web - DVD in an HTML format which looks and behaves the same as if it were on a DVD player.  Perfect for my work (no thanks to Apple, again). 


    Sorry for my side comments, but hey, it's frustrating when these "higher ups" at Apple decide they're going to kill DVD because of their own warped view of the world.  And the comments they made at the last "Event" about "post PC blah blah" makes one wonder if they're thinking about dumping the Mac now even . . .  who knows . . .

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    That's a bummer. I, too, really love DVD Studio Pro. It has made me a lot of money over the years. I even teach it to students at the university where I work - not realizing, until I just purchased a new system for another employer, that DVD Studio Pro is really gone from the official Apple world.


    The solution for me is simple for now: I have both FCP Studio (with DVD Studio Pro) and FCPX on my home suite. As long as DVD Studio Pro (FCP 7)  is "backwards compatible" with the operating systems, I am OK. If they do what they did when Final Cut jumped to Final Cut Studio (making previous versions pretty much obsolete and non-functional on the advanced OS) ... then I am screwed. I guess I really need to keep a backup of my system before I do ANY OS updates in the future. I would be lost without DVD Studio Pro. So at my new workplace I will begin to experiment with Adobe Premiere Elements and see if it can serve as a replacement long term.


    Good luck.