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CSarath Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

I recently purchased a brand new iPhone which has terribly low battery life. If I countinously use the phone over 3G network for 2 hours, almost half of the battery will be gone. I'm not using any heavy applications which streams video etc.I already had updated 5.0.1 but it seldom helps. Any solutions for this?



  • unicohijo86 Level 2 Level 2 (255 points)

    Hi CSarth - what is your build? On your phone, go to Settings > General > About > Version. Is it 9A406? If not, try to update to this build and see if your battery improves. I'm on iOS 5.0.1 9A406 and my battery is rockin'.

  • CSarath Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello thanks for the reply. It shows 9A405. When I try to upgrade, it shows my software is up to date. How can I get this upgrade?

  • unicohijo86 Level 2 Level 2 (255 points)

    Select Restore not Update on iTunes. But before doing that, you have to Back Up your contents and settings first so you can restore that later. Try this: The steps for restoring your phone to the latest iOS build is discussed step-y-step.

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    I just upgraded to the latest version but I doubt 9A405 essentially fix the No Sim Card issue. Anyway just giving it a shot. I think  my standby time is the issue. I think my phone is not really getting in to standby though I lock it. Otherwise how a 6 hours standby time would eat up 60-70% of battery?

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    well, try to observe if your standby time does get better with the 9A406. As for other battery optimizing tips, you can also check this link out: tml

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    Thanks for sharing the tips. but basically I want to leave the phone as it's. I think something for the standby seems have screwed up. I am not a big downloader. Also use very less apps, so less number of notifications. I use 3G on the go otherwise almost all the time I connected over Wi-Fi. Unfortunately I brought this phone from Dubai, UAE and no way to get a replacement, unless any of my friends are ready to carry it and replace it for me.

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    Well, I upgraded to 9A406 which worked like a charm. I had faced "No Sim Card" issue when I turned on the phone. I thought it's quite normal as every phone needs sim to set it up. I can see lot of improvements in the standby time. In 6 hours, I lost only 15% of battery even the Wifi was turned on. I think that's fine. I am looking forward for 5.1 update which soon gonna out!


    Thanks a million.

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    you're welcome! enjoy!

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    I purchased my iPhone 4s in October, and have never had any battery problems until yesterday.  I did the operating system update when it came out last fall.  Before yesterday, I would routinely get 3 days on standby with fairly light use, at least by some standards.  To my knowledge, I changed nothing yesterday, charged the phone in the morning, by last evening, it was down to 60%, and by this morning, the battery was dead.  I did the update to 9A406 as mentioned in a previous post and had a full charge as of 30 minutes ago.  My battery is already down to 95% with no use whatsoever.  I talked to a Verizon rep earlier today, and he indicated that he's heard another OS update is coming by the end of this month to fix the battery problem.  Has anyone else heard anything to give hope that a fix is forthcoming?

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    Unfortunately I brought this from Dubai and now I have to send through someone if it's required a replacement. I compared battery performance with my friend who has iPhone 4. He said overnight, he may lose 9-10% battery. Also he has lot of friends in What's App who are sending messages in the night.


    For me 15% of batter is going overnight. I don't have much updates and notifications and was on Wi-Fi. Today morning it was 100% of charge and I used from 1 hour continuisly on 3G network (mostly browsing using FlipBoard). It consumed 30% of my battery.


    5.0.1 is dint solve anything well. Lot of people are still complaining about the iPhone 4S battery. Battery was one of the best you could have get with iPhone but now this has completly screwed up. I'm not a blind fanboy but Apple has to do something fix this as this is the most expensive smartphone and they've to give value back to the consumers.

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    Hi all,


    This is my first post. I've had my 4S for 4 weeks it came with the 5.0.1 already installed. From my last charge the phone is down to 11% after only 45 Hrs. I have swicthed off everything I can think of and still this phone eats the battery. I have booked into my local Apple store genius for the technical man to have a look at the phone.


    I have just noticed that my software is 5.0.1 ( 9A405 ) and like some others I can not update to ( 9A406)


    Is the ( 4A406 ) only available in the USA ?



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    You mean to say 45 minutes?


    You will not get regular update. It's not for everyone. Please find this link.



    Essentially you've to backup your data and click on Restore and update the software. Then you're doing. The instructions are availble in the page. Please check.

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    No 45 hrs nearly two days.

    Does not seem so bad after reading through many of the other post on this site regarding battery issues.

    I did a reset settings this morning, then a full charge from the 11%  using the mains charger ( not USB ) leaving the phone on charge for a further hour after the 100% showed up. I,m now monitering the using with the phone on standby with wi-fi, notifications, bluetooth etc turn off. So far still at 100% after nearly 1 hour.

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    I am not sure I ever would get the standby time they're boasting in the technical specification.



    200 hours of standby impossible at measures on seeing my phones battery life. in 6-7 hours I'd lose 15-20% of battery. It doesn't make much difference if I turn off location services and Wi-Fi.


    Enjoy your battery life. All we're waiting for the next upgrade. I got screwed up as there's no international warrant in case I need to go for a hardware replacement.

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