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I want to install classic mode on a Mac running OS 10.4 (Power PC processor). We have DVDs for three different kinds of Mac of the same generation, but none of them come with the extra tools CD/DVD that is mentioned in Apple's instructions and in other posts as containing OS 9. The install DVDs are the Swiss (German) version. Is the third DVD only in the US version?


We have 9.0 CDs for two Power Mac G4s, plus one G4 computer that's broken, and one that's alive and well, running 9.2. Is there a way I could lift the system folder from this computer, copy it onto the hard disk on the 10.4 computer, and "bless" it, or is more required than the system fold for classic mode to run under Tiger? I'm wondering whether it's possible to install an emulator like Sheepshaver, since I could start with 9.0 and upgrade that to 9.2, and then transfer the necessary files (system folder plus ...?) to use the built-in classic environment.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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    You need the original install CDs or DVDs or a retail (boxed) CD to install OS 9 on almost any PowerPC system (there are a few exceptions). Without one or the other, you can't do it, because each Mac that shipped with it has their own specific version that contains components and drivers designed specifically for that machine.


    Sheepshaver won't let you accomplish what you're proposing here, so don't bother. Your only solution if you don't have the original CDs for that particular machine is to buy or otherwise acquire a retail CD of OS 9 and use that to install it. Apple doesn't sell it anymore, but it is out there on the net if you know where to look, maybe in the language you want. My telling you where to look would be edited out, because what you'd be doing is considered a crime, even though your chances of getting caught are so low as to be nonexistent.

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    You don't say exactly what computers are involved which places us at a disadvantage in helping you.


    If you have a copy of OS 9.1 or greater on a computer you can simply copy the whole System Folder to a PPC running Tiger and set it up to be Classic.  Put it at the root level next to OSX's "System".  If you actually want to boot to OS9, that's where knowing the details of the computers and operating systems involved is essential.


    Technically, system installations can be machine specific, but I think for OS9, and especially when used as Classic, this isn't as much an issue.  Classic isn't in charge of any hardware anyway.  Some people may post saying, "Oh, it absolutely must be installed correctly," but frankly I have copied OS9.2.2 from computer to computer as I worked my way through models and had it work on any model that supports OS9, and that was for booting.


    If all you have are installer versions of OS9 on optical that is where you may run into trouble and may ultimately end up needing copies of the original discs (which likely are no longer available).  You will have to get the computer to boot to the installer disc in order to get it to actually put a usuable copy of OS9 on the computer.  Again, this is where knowing the exact disc versions and exact computer specifications is important.


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    I don't have all the exact specifications at my fingertips, but the computer I want install classic mode on is a Mac mini from 2006. We also have an iMac from 2006, as well as a MacBook from 2006-7, whose DVDs don't include the tools disk either. The DVDs for one of the Mac minis running Tiger is OS 10.4.5, AHT version 3A102, Disc version 1.0.


    I myself jumped from System 7.5 to OS 10.5, so I don't have any experience in the workings of Classic on a computer running OS X. My colleague's computer is the one I want to set up to be able to use Classic, so I don't want to ruin anything; from other posts I've read, it seems pretty easy for something to go wrong. As far as I understand, if I want to run a single application in classic, having the System Folder at the root level would suffice. I wouldn't need to boot in OS 9. Is this so?


    We've got the system discs for a PowerMac G4 (Version 9.0.2), and for another PowerMac G4 (Version 9.0.4). The pre-OS X computers predate me, so I don't know how the computers were updated to 9.2, and I haven't yet found any update CDs – assuming that's how they were updated. So since the Mac mini involved can't do anything with 9.0, these discs won't help me.

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    Yes, thanks; I just realized that Sheepshaver doesn't work with any OS higher than 9.0.x. Though maybe there are other reasons why it wouldn't work.

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    I just discovered the real problem. I thought the computer was pre-intel, but it has an Intel Core processor, so no classic mode possible.

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    Well, that answers it. 


    Just for reference, Classic is running OS 9 inside of OSX.  If you have a PPC computer running Tiger or earlier you can run Classic even if the computer itself is incapable of booting to OS9 (notably later generation G series).  Furthermore, Classic has to be OS9.1 or greater, but you can update to 9.2.2 (free updaters available, but ther's a whole topic unto itself since they seem to have gone missing from Apple's servers).  As you can see from the discussion there are many ways to get OS9 onto the computer.  The clean, easy method is to just use the installer discs that came with the computer.  There's also a collection of ways if you have an older machine with OS9 on it.