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My iphone 4 has been stuck in what I think is DFU mode. The screen is black and the last thing I saw was the apple sign, and a notification in itunes that the unit was in recovery mode. I'm assuming this is also known as DFU mode. Now I didnt want to loose all my files, so I had to find a different solution than the regular prompt one which is re-installing all the software. However, now the whole unit doesnt respond at all, and the screen stays black.


Now ive tried all the online solutions, holding the home and sleep button for 10 seconds and releasing one of them, while holding the button till something happens, while being plugged or unplugged, keeping itunes open or closed. Ive updated itunes to latest version. I've tried several combinatons without any luck. the computer don't seem to recognise the iphone. It doesnt charge. It also doesnt turn on either. Please help.

iPhone 4, Windows Vista