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Hi board,


When I am looking at my SD card from my Nikon D90 in the Import view of Aperture I have the 'Raw Only' option selected for the RAW+JPEG Pairs setting. This results in .AVI files not showing up in the browser. Meaning that when I believed I was importing all my photos in RAW and my movies, my movies were actually not even considered for importing. I realize (now) that RAW Only quite litteraly means RAW Only, but why do I have to select Both when importing to get my movies? Then I would have to weed out any eventual JPEGs that I might have taken but do not want to import.


I'm simply curious why .AVI are excluded together with .JPEGs. I did not consider this to be intuitive or clear to the user (since the setting is called RAW+JPEG Pairs, not mentioning that it could possibly exclude movies).



Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6.8)