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I have not long had the 4s and my emails where coming in fine, but now they are disappearing from the inbox, I suspect that it has something to do with the fact I run mail on 2 pc's as well.  I use Windows Live Mail which downloads onto my Windows 7 and Win Vista machines!


Please can anyone help me - this is very frustrating.



My email settings on the pc do say leave a copy of messages on the server.


Thank you in advance!

iPhone 4S
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    Did you choose the same settings for Mail in Settings/Mail/Your account/Advanced/Delete incomming mail -> never?

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    Hi Ingo, Thank you for your reply - I am in Mail advanced on the phone - is this right? options are:


    Mailbox behaviours, Deleted messages (which I can chnage from one week to never), Incoming Settings.


    I cannot see anythign in there about incoming mail > never?


    Am I in the wrong place?



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    It's "incoming settings", sorry for confusing you.

    These settings should also be set to never delete the mail on the server.

    Are you using IMAP or POP account for your mail?

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    Hi again Ingo,


    I am using Pop, Incoming settings offers me:


    *Use ssl - on or off
    *Authentication - password etc
    *Imap path prefix /

    *Server Port 993


    That is all I have an none of these lead to any option that I can see! to never delete mail on the server!?




    Many thanks : )


    I mentioned above the menu above incoming settings - 'deleted messages' i can change the remove option from 'one week' to 'never' is this the same thing?

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    My "remove from server" option is set to "never" and I use a POP account as well.

    Check this article to see your options: Using a POP account with multiple devices



    iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Mail

    By default, the Mail app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch will never delete messages from the server. This setting is appropriate for most users, but can be changed when necessary. Here are detailed instructions for setting Mail to remove messages on the server after one week (for example):