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I have a 2011 i7 macbook air - 7 months old.  About a month ago I went to use the computer after allowing it to sleep and it was totally dead.  Apple authorized repair center said the logic board failed and needed to be replaced.  Fast forward a month and I finally get the machine back.  It works fine for 6 hours, I put it to sleep, and soon as the screen went out, I hear a pop, fizzle, then the machine is dead again.  The authorized repair center wants to replace the logic board again, which should get me up and running, but its not likley that that is the root CAUSE of the problem here, since it happened twice now.  I suggested to them that perhaps the power adaptor, battery, or some other component is the issue and they don't think so.  I'm located overseas, and every repair attempt takes 1 month b/c of parts (total joke if you're listening apple!!).  My biggest concern is that they replace the logic board again, I'm out of commission for 2 months now, and it just fails again.  Does anyone have any suggestions on the possible causes of this problem? 


As FYI - I'm using the same power outlet and power strip with another laptop and haven't had any similar issues.  Thanks for the help!

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)