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I have a 2011 i7 macbook air - 7 months old.  About a month ago I went to use the computer after allowing it to sleep and it was totally dead.  Apple authorized repair center said the logic board failed and needed to be replaced.  Fast forward a month and I finally get the machine back.  It works fine for 6 hours, I put it to sleep, and soon as the screen went out, I hear a pop, fizzle, then the machine is dead again.  The authorized repair center wants to replace the logic board again, which should get me up and running, but its not likley that that is the root CAUSE of the problem here, since it happened twice now.  I suggested to them that perhaps the power adaptor, battery, or some other component is the issue and they don't think so.  I'm located overseas, and every repair attempt takes 1 month b/c of parts (total joke if you're listening apple!!).  My biggest concern is that they replace the logic board again, I'm out of commission for 2 months now, and it just fails again.  Does anyone have any suggestions on the possible causes of this problem? 


As FYI - I'm using the same power outlet and power strip with another laptop and haven't had any similar issues.  Thanks for the help!

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    What came of this? I am experiencing the exact same thing!

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    If you are putting the computer to sleep by closing the lid the root cause may involve a short in the LCD connector. You should definitely mention this when you get it repaired again. 


    It is doubtful that any connected device, battery or charger is the root cause since you used the computer for several hours. Had any of these caused the failure it would certainly have occurred before you put it to sleep. However if you closed the lid to put it to sleep that might have triggered a short. Perhaps an extreme static discharge could be responsible but I'd imagine that you'd have mentioned shocking yourself.

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    In my case, the lid was not closed. I simply walked away for an hour or so and came back to a dead machine. It's like it went to sleep and never woke up.

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    The root cause of the mother board (logic board) failures is due to a poor design. PERIOD! There is not much someone can do to screw up a mother board. Just think about it. How many computers do  you know about that have logic board failures? I can't think of any except for Apples'.  This is not a matter of how you turn your computer off; whether or not you put it to sleep or close the lid. It's an inherent design flaw. They screwed up and they are covering it up.


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    I have logic board problems too. I have had a late 2010 mac book air for 2 and half years. Its been a great machine in general - although it did go back within the warranty period for the track pad


    Now it has logic board failure - symptons are the sound going and  the battery is dead and it is unable to charge which means every time you put the power lead on the computer thinks it is starting from scratche.


    I have been quoted over £400 for the repair!  Like the above post I do not believe that this part should fail - and if it does then it is a major design problem and Apple should be doing something for us. I just dont know where to start.


    I have used macs for 14 years and owned eight along the way. Most have them have lasted many years with full functionality  the record was my G3 imac which was still working after 13 years.


    I really cant believe the situation I am in and rather think I have bought my last mac!