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I hope this is an ok place for this on the forum. I have just purchesed some Sanyo eneloop batteries for my Finepix camera and I was wondering if they are ok to use in the Apple Battery Charger.

Can they be used at all? and if so will the charger handle them properly?

Apple Battery Charger
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    The Apple Battery Charger will handle your Sanyo batteries just fine.  (as long as they're AA rechargeable).




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    But since I think the eneloop batteries are somesort of hybred of Alkerline + NI MH, will the charger handle them accurately, i.e will it detect when the batteries are full to reduce power like it should?

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    Yes.  They should get a full charge in about 4 hours and you can observe the orange light on the charger go off.

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    Thank you

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    i see you received your answer. however this hopefully adds to it. i've been researching which recharge batteries to buy and found in the flashlight and camera forums that they were certain (although never saw a post with exact proof) that the Apple batteries ARE Sanyo Eneloop batteries! long shelf life staying charged. many years of rechargeable life.


    So YES, you could certainly use them in the Apple charger. as for hybrid of alkaline and NiMH. YES, what they describe (i don't have them yet) is keep charge for LONG time just sitting in drawer (similar to alkaline) so much so that they even sell them charged. AND like a NiMH or actually ARE a NiMH they recharge many times. seem to have lower run time or energy for each use, so not as good for hi drain, as with flash (but perfect for mouse/keyboard) but then plenty seem to say this is wrong too, as they say those lose that quality in a couple of months, while the Eneloop recharge very well for years. AND variety of Eneloop available, some with higher energy. 3rd generation just became available in USA, I think Europe got earlier and Japan a year ago. even more charges. although normal seems great. enjoy. (i want the pretty only available in Japan colored versions)