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When I look at my list of music/songs some have no iCloud icon which makes me wonder why they have not been managed like all those that have the icon. Further, is there a link to show me what all the various icons mean and another list to explain what is happening to those just identified as matched or uploaded. So many questions!!!!

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    Why of course there's a link!  Actually on this page you'll find a lot of links to stuff that might help you, including one specifically on the different icons



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    1. Thank you for the list of icon meanings.


    2. I still cannot see an answer to my wonder as to why in the "cloud" column there is an icon with a down arrow next to some songs but many, many of my songs with no icon next to the song. What is this signifying? and, where is there an explanation of situations such as this?

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    If you are looking at songs on an iPhone, the download icon means the song is available to you in the cloud.  If you see a song and there is no download icon, it is already on your phone.


    This is the same if you are looking on the computer.  There may be songs with a download icon next to them that are available to you in the cloud, but are not on your hard drive.  For example if you ever purchased songs through iTunes, but later deleted them from your hard drive, they would be available to you as a download.

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    OK, now tell me what is the status of a song shown as matched vs uploaded.


    And FYI I am looking only at my computer, my iPhone is not included in this query.

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    A song that has been matched is one where iTunes match has determined that they already have a copy of your song on their server, so instead of uploading a copy of yours, they just make their copy available to you.  This saves you time, because it doesn't have to be uploaded to your account in the cloud.


    A song that is uploaded is one where iTunes Match was not able to find a copy of it on the server, so in order to make it available to you in the cloud, it has to be uploaded.


    Because iTunes Match has the ability to add songs you might have on a second computer, the songs that are on a second computer, whether they are matched or uploaded, will show up on the first computer with a download icon next to them.  This is telling you that they are in the cloud for you, but they are not on the first computer yet. 

    Computers can play songs from the cloud without downloading them.  This is also true for the Apple TV, which doesn't have storage space for songs.  iPhones, iPads, those must download the songs.  This happens in the background if you choose a song, or if you wish to download an entire album, you can do that by scrolling to the bottom of the song list.


    Does this make sense?

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    Thank you for your prompt and easy to follow reply. I appreciate your taking the time and wonder why Apple does not give us this kind of guidance up front so you and I do not have to take this much time to sort out what we novices are doing.   Keep up the good work.

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    While many of us wish there was more documentation from Apple on iTunes match, the truth is if you go to the Apple website and navigate to the section on iTunes Match, the documents I've linked you to can be accessed from there.  I know it's not the same as being able to ask specific questions, but it is how I learned much of what I pass on to new subscribers. 


    You might want to take a look at the link below.  It's really the starting point for all people who want to learn about iTunes Match.  At the end of the basic information, you'll see a link to access more information about the service.