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    Can I buy ur charger mate ! ?  Mine broke

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    I am the next one to whom this happened. Lost Macbook Pro on last Monday. I have the serial number and have "Find my iPhone" on my iPhone. Got thelocation of the stolen laptop twice in last 48 hours. Told the officers and they said they will pass on the information to the detective who is working on my case. I am still waiting to hear back from him. Have tried calling him a few times but looks like he is out of office.


    My question is..Is it any worth after the location has been given by "Find my iPhone"? As I see here some people have said that it gives an approximate location and the cops are not going to knock on every single door to cover their bases.. Should I be any hopeful?

  • yee hau Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    my mac book pro recently got stolen which i had only used for 2 months, i also tried the i find macbook something like that but it showed it was offline, therefore i want to ask if this app helpful only when my mac is online? what if my macbook pro haf login password and the theft doesnt know my password? does that mean i can never track the location of my macbook pro?

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    My MacBook Pro, 13 inch was stolen while I was at the gym today, don't understand how someone could take a laptop so easily and live with themselves, I've got find my iphone app installed with my mac, so whenever it comes online it will make a noise and lock itself, and portray a message I have wrote, I was just wondering if there is anything else I can do to track it down? I've contacted police and they will help so I guess it's just a waiting game, any advice would be appreciated.

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    Dude I had my Macbook stolen about 2 years ago. In that moment I was using Findy My iPhone on my Mac. I was looking for it about some months after the fact so I had not response. Exactly two years later I received an Apple email with my mackbook location, but the Macbook hard drive was erased and a new Mac OS X installation was done. I got my macbook back but I don't know to explain how my  Apple ID remained stored on my Mac. Someone can help me understand if some hardware information is stored on Find My Mac app?

  • yoomi.bar2o2a Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same situation here for my wife's laptop, if you got any answers please let me know

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    I bought a MacPro for each of my three children three not quite three years ago.  There were no inserts mentioninng icloud which would have been nice.  My daughters' was stolen three weeks ago and even though we are pretty sure who did the deed the police will and are doing little to get it back.  About the same time I sent child #2 his to a military post via UPS (yes insured but doesn't recover all that is on it) and guess what!  Yep!  UPS has lost it.  Would have been nice to have had knowledge of this icloud in the beginning to avoid all this mess. As advanced as Apple is, one would have thought this type of technology would have been included.  Needless to say I am at a fork in the road, do I go back to purchasing an inferior product for less money?

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    Hey what city was it stolen in i cant get the info from the satellite please let me know

  • pocsaik Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    We lost a macbook pro yesterday, we tried to find it with the app, it does not work because it's offline.

    Can you please still help?


    Thank you!!

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    Its only going to track if its connected to wifi. Even when it closed but still has battery power it will track itself if connected to wifi. I know this because I have a 2013 macbook air and I left it at my office. I was concerned it could have been stolen and not wanting to drive back to the office I tracked it and it was offline. I clicked notify when found and it checked in a 6 hour intervals. So from my experience if the mac is connected to a known network it will check in, if its stolen and password protected, it will be hard to track.

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