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Our home was recently broken into they made off with 2 Mac. One was a Macbook Pro purchased in 2009, and a New IMac desk top monitor (dummies left the mouse and key board). We hadent downloaded any type of "ifind" apps to either computer, that we know of. However i feel strongly that there has to be a way to track one, if not both, of these computers. Everything with Macs needs to be registered. So if there are any ideas suggestions on how i might have a chance at finding our stolen items. it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Design3r

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.0.x)
Reply by yee hau on Dec 20, 2013 2:06 PM Helpful

my mac book pro recently got stolen which i had only used for 2 months, i also tried the i find macbook something like that but it showed it was offline, therefore i want to ask if this app helpful only when my mac is online? what if my macbook pro haf login password and the theft doesnt know my password? does that mean i can never track the location of my macbook pro?

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    Yikes, that's sad to hear, did you register the serial#s at Apple?

  • Design3r Level 1 Level 1

    i will be doing that today. And picking their brains on any way i can find my stolen stuff. The computers will be replaced but tryin to get to some priceless jewelry that was also stolen. 

  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10

    It's going to be difficult to find them, unless maybe you had Remote Logon & Screen Sharing enabled.

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    See: Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product


    Also report it to the police, of course.


    Apple won't help much, if at all, to find your stuff.  That's up to the police.  Apple will help them, but won't get involved directly for legal reasons.

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    I was recently the victim of a similar crime. Thieves took my Macbook Pro and my roomate's netbook, but left both the chargers. I have not allowed 'find my mac' to locate my computer (I thought that setting up 'find my iPhone' from my computer was plenty. I was wrong?). I'm wondering if there is a way to allow apple to locate my computer through the iCloud sync process.


    I've given the police my serial number and called them with possible suspects. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to trace the last location of my 'macaddress' (macaddress determined through my previous itunesaccount or reference to my application sync...maybe?).


    Goodluck with your theif hunt. I hope your able to recovery your stolen goods.

  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 Level 8

    These links apply to iPads, but may be helpful.


    How to Track and Report Stolen iPad


    Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product


    Report Stolen iPad Tips and iPad Theft Prevention


    How to Find a Stolen iPad


     Cheers, Tom

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    Sign up for an iCloud account.

    Log in with your iCloud account on all your iPods,iPhones,Macs, and iPads.

    Now go to and Log in.

    You will be able to use Find My iPhone to track all of your iPods,iPhones,Macs, and iPads.


    Too bad for you that you didn't already have an iCloud account. Use this method when you purchase your new mac products.


    Also, use a kensington lock to secure your devices and reduce theft.

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    My brother macbook pro 17 inch was stolen last week, thief came to our house and entered my windown of my bed room and in the morning on friday 7th Sept 2012 we relized that the thief came and took the macbook

    here i want to inform you the serial number of the macbook pro C02FCAKLDF92 please inform all about this

    And if you have any idea to find it


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    My Macbook pro 17" along with 2 other laptops were stolen this past Saturday morning. This is as close as I have gotten to finding it before it went offline again -

    Screen Shot 2012-10-21 at 8.40.32 PM.png


    iClouds 'Find my iPhone' app helps but only to locate the general area. The police said the house belonged to an elder couple with a 13" mac and I dont think they are planning on knocking on all the doors on the block. I was told that the location feature in macbooks is based on the wifi that it is using. Is there any way to get a more precise location point? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Update from last night - Everytime this person connects to the interet with my laptop I get a text notification. the green dot is in the same general area but is now more towards the house in the back.

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    I had two macbooks tolen this past weekend. One of them didnt have find my mac but the other did. It still hasn't come on line line yet.


    I know there are ways to bypass the password protect so I hope they thieves are just dumb, worthless idiots. THey probably are since they took $2 in change off my mantle and left me 7 cents.


    Good luck!

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    My Macbook was stolen a week ago, I didn't have icloud on anything other than my iphone5. They also took my change off my dresser than was less than a dollar. The took my camera too that I had the serial numbers for. I now am installing a camera system on my home and putting icloud and any other kind of theft software I can find on my next macbook.

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    Any idea to trace back the IP address of the MacBook so that I can remote login into my MacBook. My house just go broke in just now. Lost both of my gadgets, iPad and macpro.

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    My Macbook Pro 13.3" was taken by a taxi driver in Kathmandu, Nepal. I had bought it from Toronto. (I have information about an appointment day and time at an Apple Store in Toronto; I don't have the serial number of the macbook; Can that appointment time at the Apple store for repairs will be able to find me the serial no.? Please advise and help).


    Meanwhile I opened my Twitter account last week and found that someone had edited my Twitter details and has put his school name, his first name and the city name (Kathmandu) and had tweeted from my account. I found him from facebook and got his last name. From his pictures in Facebook I got the area. I went to that area and could find the house. I got the help of the police who raided his house. That was a young boy of 12 who was apparently trying to open a Twitter account on my macbook but I had my password saved.


    When the police interrogated that child he told that he used to use a cyber cafe which has been closed down, but the owner was his Facebook friend. From his Facebook account we got the phone number of that cyber cafe owner and got the call details. But meanwhile at one police station an officer called him directly and ordered him to come to the police station. He came with a small acer laptop and pleaded innocent. The matter was referred to cyber crime branch of Kathmandu police. Now they are asking me to bring the IP address when my twitter account was opened on January 17th.


    I am confused how to go about it. 90% investigation has been done by me but the police are not ready to do the rest 10%. Please let me know how can I find the IP address when my Twitter account was opened on January 17th? How can I get the serial number of my Macbook? Will the serial number be of any help in locating the Macbook? My Macbook was logged on to my name, can anyone log me off and use his own id to use the Macbook or will my name stay on it always for life? Please help with your advice. I have spent a lot of money on this matter.

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    I would assume that doing a complete re-install of the operating system would clean out any iCloud accounts from a computer or iPhone. Anybody know if I am right or wrong? What idiot would try to use someone elses user accounts?

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