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Is there a way to see the metadata at the point of import.

The way that I file my photos is governed by date and I want to be able to see the date the picture was taken before I import so that I can direct the photo to the right file on my HDD.

Any ideas anyone?

Aperture 3
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    Like show metadata tool tips?


    Control + T

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    "1 Open Loop" has answered your question.


    You might consider two changes to your workflow.


    First, it is almost always easier to use Aperture to organize your Images than it is to do it prior to to using Aperture or at import.  You might find that it saves you time to simply import into a Project as a holding bin, and then distribute the Images (and batch assign metadata) with everything in Aperture.


    Second, Aperture has built into it date sorting at both the Image and the Project level.  You can always and immediately find and group Images by date.  You mention, though, filing on your HDD -- I assume you are creating a Finder folder tree of your Masters.  Why?  Also: Aperture's "Relocate Masters" command will create Finder folders by date for you.  You can create your own Finder folder names using the Folder Naming Preset dialog at "Aperture→Presets→Folder Naming".


    If you are unsure of the difference between an Image, a Version, and a Master, this concise guide I wrote may help clarify things.  (This is not well-explained in the Aperture literature.)

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    In addition to Open Loop 1's and Kirby Krieger's neet solutions, you can run automatically an Apple Script at import (in the Actions Brick of the Imprt Presets); so could define an Apple Script  that will move any image to the correct folder, like Frank Caggiano described in this post: Re: Viewing Metadata On File Import



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    Kirby Krieger wrote:


    "1 Open Loop" has answered your question.


    I did?


    I got it right?




    Although I believe I got this answer myself, posting here. Forgt which one of you answered it.


    Kirby, LeonieDF or Frnk from Florda.



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