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I went from a 3gs to a 4s. Well when I had my 3GS I would plug it into my computer and go to My Computer, I would then click on my Iphone under Portable Devices, and it brings me to the DCIM folder for my pictures. Well when It was on my 3GS it was just one folder, so when I went to that folder I knew the last picture I took would be the last picture in the folder.


Well now with my 4S, my images are saved in random folders, and when I go to get my new images off my phone I have to search through 6-8 different folders as they are all scattered about. I have called Apple Support and reached someone who is even more clueless then I am so I'm here now, hoping someone can help me. At this point I want to remove all images from my phone and start over basically. Someone please help.



Please help!


Here is what it looks like with all the folders:




I only want 1 folder. Please help me. Also, I am on a Windows PC so please do not suggest using iPhoto or Image Capture cause those options are not available to me.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1