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I went to upgrade iTunes this morning to the newest version and as it was upgrading Quicktime, the installer froze and had to be terminated. I opened back up iTunes and it said it had been upgraded successfully. When I went to update my Ipod, it would not add the videos I had bought from the Music Store. I figured maybe it was because of the problems I had when trying to upgrade. I tryed to reinstall the update again but when I open the installer, I get an Error: 1607. Now when I try to open Itunes, I get an error saying "iTunes cannot run because some of it's required files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes." I was then going to try to completely uninstall iTunes and reinstall it but iTunes is not in the add/remove programs list anymore. What should I do? Thank you for your help.

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    Try a standlone QuickTime install, that should fix you up
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    I still get the 1607 error: "Unable to Install Installshield Scripting runtime" when I try to install quicktime or iTunes
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    Oh - the Windows Installer clenaup utility might fix that

    Or, you might need to get the latest updates from InstallSheild
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    Ok so, some new errors to report. I updated my ISS scripts and ran the clean up utility. After that I could run the install for iTunes and such. However, as I am running the setup, iTunes installs fine with no problems but when Quicktime is installing, it gets all the way to the end and then I recieve and error that says "Quicktime installtion failed: Error Code: -3". When I try to run iTunes, it says that Quicktime is needed to run iTunes and for me to reinstall iTunes.
    So, the next thing I tryed to do was uninstall both iTunes and Quicktime. I went into Add/Remove Programs and tryed clicking uninstall on both of them but niether will uninstall. I get no error message or anything, just niether will uninstall.
    Then, I tryed running the Quicktime standalone install. It goes all the way through the install and at the end I get a series of error messages. The first says "Setup could not find a file on the specified path or disk. Please check that the proper disk is inserted or specify a new path. Unable to locate C:\....\Quicktime.msi." From there I hit retry and get an error message saying "Error 1714: The older version of Quicktime cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group." I hit ok and then get an error saying "Error: -1603 Fatal Error during installation. Consult Windows Installer Help (msi.chm) or MSDN for more information." Then the installer closes. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
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    Bump, please help. I have still been trying to fix to no prevail.
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    I'm having the exact same problem and can't fix it. If you figure anything out, let me know. Thanks
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    I have this exact same problem - no answers unfortunately. In response, Apple's customer services unit in the UK just tried to sell me Apple Care for £30! Nice...

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    hi anndruu!

    the (-3) is telling you that there's a problem with the QT component of the itunes install. the messages you're getting on the QT standalone installs/uninstalls are telling us the nature of the problem.

    with that combo that you're reporting on the QT uninstalls/installs, let's first try using the Windows Installer CleanUp utility (that Katrina linked you to earlier) to remove your existing QuickTime installation configuration information:

    Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

    ... then use the QuickTime component of the complete uninstall instructions given here as a guide to manually removing leftover QT program files and folders:

    Troubleshooting iTunes, iPod Software, and QuickTime installation on Windows

    once we've got the scurf cleaned out of the way, we'll try a QT 7.0.4 standalone install again. we'll take a few additional precautions this time.

    download and save a copy of the QT 7.0.4 standalone installer to your hard drive. (we'll run the install from there rather than online.) switch off any antivirus and antispyware applications prior to the install.

    Quicktime 7.0.4 Standalone Installer

    if you get the same error messages again, let us know. there's a more aggressive technique we can try that sometimes works when people get versions of that message you're reporting prior to the 1714.

    if the QT install goes through okay this time, will your itunes launch properly afterwards?

    love, b
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    you're fabulous! after i went through the steps to completely remove the old quicktime, i was able to install the itunes and quicktime bundle with not problem. thanks for the help!

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    woohoo! well done jess!

    glad to be able to help.

    love, b
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    I CAN'T thank you enough!!!!! I have been working on this issue for weeks!!!! Your solution worked flawlessly!!!!

    Very happy to have my iTunes back!!!!! YEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAA

    Thanks again!!