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Not too long ago i came across 1434 error in itunes for my 160 ipod classic, not allowing me to restore.  I've spent hours searching for answers and many people have come across this problem but no solutions.  I've done many things that have been suggested and I don't have the money to take to an apple store to fix and feel i shouldn't pay since I see too many people with the same problem.. Both Mac and win7 no longer recognizes the ipod and no show in itunes.


My main question is how to reformat the classic since I can't restore.. I saw one old post where the guy had the same error and said he used hdderase to format it and got it to work.  IPOD does show in my device and printer and comes up with locatoin: Port_#0005.Hub_#0003 in the properties panel, and I can also view it in my device manager under universal usb serial bus controllers: usb mass storage device also showing the same: Port_#0005.Hub_#0003.. I figure if my pc can see that I should be able to format? If i do reset while ipod is plugged in itunes will recognize it and say preparing ipod for recovery but doesn't do anything after that happens.


I hope that info helps in some way.  Unless someone has a soluton, reformatting seems to be my only last option and it wouldn't make much sense for me not to try when the hard drive doesn't show the fail sign and doesn't make a clicking noise.


Thank you

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    Bear with me, if these have been tried, but at least you didn't say that you have tried everything.


    iPod Not recognised by Windows

    1. If you are using Windows, I would suggest reinstalling iTunes, this would repair any corrupted Apple Mobile Device driver that is required for iTunes to interface with USB devices.
    2. After Re-installing, reboot your PC.
    3. Disconnect the PC from Internet
    4. Stop your Antivirus
    5. Reset your iPod - Press Menu and Center Button for about 10 secs till the Apple logo comes ON then release the buttons. Select you language.
    6. Connect your iPod to a high power USB 2.0 Port and not to any USB hub. (if you using a Mac, not on the Keyboard USB port)
    7. What do you see on the iPod Display - should be sychonisation  for a few secs then do not disconnect screen.
    8. if iTunes comes up restore it.
    9. After restore - Start back your antivirus and connect the Internet.



    If this doesn't work, refer to this link on do a disk diagnostic by tt2 to chack the health of your hardisk.



    if you hardisk is still healthy then do reformat your Hardisk.



    Have a nice day!