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    When I did the iOS 6 upgrade, it wiped all my Exchage data (on both my iPad and iPhone) and resynced.  So I got a clean copy of contacts.

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    I updated to IO6 - I dont use iCloud to sync, and am syncing with Exchange for 1 mail address and Zoho (using Active Sync) on another. I have no duplicates until I add a new contact on iPad. Its instantaneous. Go to iPad +new contact (even if you only have 1 group showing) call it iPad Test Contact, and voila two iPad test contacts show up, but when I go to Zoho its only there once, and not in the exchange account which is good becuse I dont want it there, but why is it on the iPad twice !!! **** irritating !!!!

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    Smart Merge app on ipad......5 minutes....done!

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    Idem en ce qui concerne plusieurs de mes utilisateurs qui disposent d'Iphone 4 ou 4s et m'ont signalés un problème de duplication, voire plus, de certains de leurs contacts. Le tout de manière aléatoire.

    J'ai réalisé sur un compte un ménage drastique dans ses contacts mais cela n'a pas suffit. Depuis il récupère a nouveaux ses contacts en double, triple, quadruple exemplaire.

    Note, ils sont tous synchronisé sur ol 365.

    C'est un problème très gênant

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    I have 3000 contacts from multiple places. You should search for an app called multi-edit - Takes care of the duplicates better than any other app I tried.  It found over 500 duplicated and merged them for me in a matter of 10 minutes.

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