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Bob Gold Level 4 (1,370 points)

Per the title, I have the 30-day trial version on my iMac...  I like it!


I've not purchased anything from the App Store for my Mac, so here's the question:


With the trial version on my computer, when I purchase the "full" verson of Aperture, will I be re-downloading the entire program, or will I be provided with a key or serial number to unlock the trial version?


Thanks in advance!



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • léonie Level 10 (90,815 points)

    Hello Bob,

    You will have to deinstall the Trial Version first (delete application from the Applications Folder, but keep your Aperture Library), then you can download the full version. There is no serial number with App Store version.


    You are entitled to install the full version on any mac you own, so make a copy of the installer, once you download it, that makes it easier to reinstall Aperture if necessary. Installer downloads from the AppStore tend to vanish after installation.




  • Bob Gold Level 4 (1,370 points)

    Thanks Leonie!


    Question:  I've never downloaded anything from the Mac Store before... If the Aperture Installer vanishes after installation, what's the procedure for making a copy of it before it vanishes?


    Again, thanks!



  • léonie Level 10 (90,815 points)

    You are welcome, Bob.

    Just copy it to another disk or thumb drive, before you run it. Or burn it to a DVD to have an installer DVD. So you did not make a copy of the Lion installer, when you upgraded to Lion?




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    Also keep in mind that anything you buy from the App Store can be downloaded again any number of times as long as you use the same ID you used when you purchased it.



    So if Aperture should disappear you would just go back to the App Store and download it again. So backup DVD's aren't all that important for App Store apps.



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    So backup DVD's aren't all that important for App Store apps.


    That is perfectly true, but also Murphy's Laws are true , and you may be hit by network trouble at the same time that you want to reinstall - and if you have a poor network connection is nice not have to download the installer again, i.e. with Lion continually dropping the network connection it can be a pain to install from the App Store. The last Xcode Install took 12 hours .....

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    leonieDF wrote:


    So backup DVD's aren't all that important for App Store apps.


    That is perfectly true, but also Murphy's Laws are true ,

    You'll notice I said not all that important not that they are never needed at all. So yes if you're going to Mongolia for a time and will be out of Internet range then backup DVD's will be helpful (of course a clone of your system would even be more helpful but I digress)



    And as I see you are an aficionado of the famous Murphy and his law I assume you are also a student of Systemantics


    A brief quote from the seminal paper:


    Systems In General Work Poorly Or Not At All.



    But this fact, repeatedly observed by men and women down through the ages, has been, in the past, always attributed to various special circumstances. It has been reserved for our own time, and for a small band of men of genius, working mostly alone, to throw upon the whole subject the brilliant light of intuition, illuminating for all mankind the previously obscure reasons why Things So Often Go Wrong, or Don't Work, or Work in Ways Never Anticipated. To list the names of these contributors is to recite the Honor Roll of Systemantics.


    No history of the subject would be complete without some reference to the semilegendary, almost anonymous Murphy (floreat circa 1940?) who chose to disguise his genius by stating a fundamental systems theorem in commonplace, almost pedestrian terminology. This law, known to schoolboys the world over as Jellybread always falls jelly-side down, is here restated in Murphy's own words, as it appears on the walls of most of the world's scientific laboratories:



    If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will.



    In the Law as thus formulated, there is a gratuitous and unjustified element of teleology, an intrusion of superstition, or even of belief in magic, which we today would resolutely reject .the Universe is not actually malignant, it only seems so[*].


    (emphases added)




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    Thank you for the link! I will enjoy reading that

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    Well...I've been in the air for the past 12 hours, so it was nice to see this activity ref my question. Thanks to you guys for the input!


    leonieDF:  My system came with Lion pre-installed, so I didn't have the opportunity to put the Lion installer on a thumbdrive...  I did download it yesterday, and will see if it works properly on my iMac.  So it sounds like after an app is downloaded, there is a prompt to install it, and I should save the installer file before running the installer (?)


    Thanks for your input, Frank...Good to know I can do multiple re-downloads, if needed.  The reason I'd like to have a hard copy of the application, is that my internet is pretty darn slow (256k) where I live, and a 600mb file takes all night to download.  It's a whole lot better for me just to archive my apps somewhere incase Murphy strikes (and he will...)...


    Again, thanks guys!