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I’m trying to figure an issue that a arisen on my cust. new iMac 27inch i7, came w/ Lion 10.7

I migrated data from her 10.5.8 macbook to the new iMac, then updated her iMac fully to 10.7.2 w/ the combo updater, checked programs, installed MS office ’11 and all worked out OK. A day later she says she notice after some time on the computer that her arrow cursor becomes a grey box or a black box and wherever she moves the cursor it draws over her screen. ( I asked her to shoot a video of this, please see link). I think the system has a corrupt graphics card or logic board.

When I paid a visit the issue did not occure during my time on the system, I checked the sys logs, checked 3rd party software(no software in startup items I can see causing this). I repaired disk promissions, zapped PRAM, checked universal settings(all are off) but nothing resolved the issue.

Any ever see this??

iBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)