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Need help! For some reason I cannot access email on my iPhone 4. When I try to start the mail app I receive this message "Account Restriction - This iPhone is restricted from creating mail accounts". I sync'd my phone yesterday afternoon. On the way home I noticed that my mail was taking an exceptionally long time to load (that's what red lights are for). So I rebooted. And now I can't even get into the app! When I go to 'settings>mail,contacts,calendars' the 'Add Account...' is grayed out. I have 2 email accounts set up on this phone: a) gmail and b) lotus notes traveler. Not sure what happened... help!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Could someone in IT have put a configuration profile on it with iPhone Configuration Utility? 

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    It sounds like your IT department has set a restriction that prohibits you from getting personal e-mail on a phone connected to their system.


    Is it a company owned phone or your personal phone?


    If it's company owned, talk to your IT department. If it's your own personal phone, remove the Lotus Notes Traveler account. You may have to put the phone in DFU mode and restore it as a new device to eliminate the company profile.

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    having the same problemhow did you solve it?