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My HP PSC 1510 All-In-One was not detected after VuPoint camera software was installed. Pictures displayed OK.

After camera software was uninstalled and printer software reinstalled,  printer was twitchy, working, then not detected.

After reinstalling printer software again, same sequence. It seems that more printer software icons were automatically placed in

dock after camera installed (even tho camera software uninstalled). I occasionally quit some of those printer dock

icons to see what happens but it's not obvious that that causes printer to be undetectable. The HP forum was difficult

to join so i ask here. Advice?

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    So, if the camera software is installed the printer doesn't work. If the camera software is uninstalled the printer doesn't work well but works, and if the printer software is reinstalled and no camera software is installed the printer more or less goes back to working?  It seems to me that something in the camera software is conflicting with the printer and/or the way they are interfacing with OSX components.  If this really is the scenario then there probably isn't much you can do unless either manufacturer has brought out new drivers that are still compatible with Tiger.  Have you checked for updates?


    While a nuisance, you could try setting up a different account on the computer and see if installing the camera to just work on that account (if that is possible) gets around driver conflicts.


    While the HP forum may be difficult to join, they are also the ones who have used the software and will have direct experience.

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    But I said that I uninstalled the camera software. Are you suggesting that some remains? Spotlight didnt find any. I suppose I could install the camera software again to see where it goes.

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    It is possible that in installing the camera software it did something to some other software, probably the printer drivers.  If it wrote a variation of a file used by several devices and the uninstaller did not remove that file because it didn't want to remove something used by other devices, it may have left a bad version behind.


    Have you done some basics such as restarting the computer (it's surprising what that can clear up), repairing permissions with Disk Utility?

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    I restarted and verified the disk and repaired permissions. How can I know if the camera software left something behind? If used by other devices, it would presumably have their name(s), not the camera name. The camera company no longer supports that camera. Are printer drivers installed as part of printer installation or are they something beyond that? Where can I find them. I'll try the camera company again. I may need updated drivers but the HP site is chaotic,

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    Try the free (and excellent) EasyFind.  It finds everything on your drive, as opposed to the intrusive and utterly useless Spotblight that misses a gazillion files that Apple has declared off limits to its own internal search engine. 


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    Upgraded software from the HP site fixed the bug. I neglected to upgrade when I upgraded my OS. Maybe the new printer software will work w/the camera software.

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    I may get Easyfind. Seems that it would be handy in general. Why disable Dashboard, Time Machine?