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Is there a keyboard shortcut to enable num lock on the MacBook Pro 2011 (Late) in Windows 7 via Boot Camp 4.0?  I have a mouse with a numpad mapping on the side of it.  When I press the number keys, the cursor responds in the way one would expect it to with the num lock off (ie, 6 moves it right, 4 moves it left, etc); however, I need to use it to produce numbers. 


I have read http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1220, which covers the previous MBP keyboard (on which the F6 key function was numlock), but I can't find any information regarding the possibility of doing this with the new MBP model keyboard (on which the F6 key function is increasing the keyboard backlight).  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

MacBook Pro, Windows 7, Boot Camp 4.0, Mac OS X Lion