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I just returned from a trip to Vietnam bringing along home 2000 photos, approx. 50 GB, and having started my editing them, I discover an unacceptably, and so far not observed, slow rendering, f.inst. when dodging and burning. Therefore I would appreciate any hint given to me about what to do to change this unbearable situation - thus, it may take up to 5 seconds to render f. inst in a burning process. Here are my my technical details, being hopefully of some use.

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion

My hardware:

Macbook Pro Intel, 8GB, HD: 500GB, Free: 142GB, 28%, 142GB pictures contained on the hard drive - and a great deal of previously relocated masterfiles to external disks.

5 Nik software plugins installed, but they are NOT in use all of them at the same time.

Have tried to shift from 32 to 64 bit, but without a remarkable effect.

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    Can you tell us more about your set up, please?

    • Your processor (which Intel MBP)
    • The format and size of your images (rwa &jpeg pairs?)
    • Where are the master image files located, you want to render - your external or intrenal drive?
    • How full is your external drive?
    • What does the Activity window show, when you are editing? (Aperture Application menu -> Window -> Show Activity)
    • Can it be, that Aperture is still busy with rendering Previews and scanning for Faces?
    • Do you have the PhotoStream turned on?
    • Any other Applications running in the background, that need much RAM, like Safari or GarageBand?
    • And just to make sure you are using the Aperture built-in "Dodge" and "Burn" adjustments, not the old "Dodge & Burn" plug-in from Aperture 2, right?



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    Thanks a lot for coming back. Here you have supplementary details:


    Processor: 2.66 Ghz, Intel Core i7

    Always Raws

    The files are at present stored in project libraries WITHIN Aperture on the internal drive

    The External drive (1TB) is used by ONLY 22%


    I have not a deepgoing knowledge about using the "Activity instrument", but here is what I seem to have got when activativating it while dodging and burning a chosen photo:


    Pct. (max registered): 111%, threads 53, real memory: 743MB




    I have tried to close SAFARI, without remarcable effect, GARAGEBAND not installed, but "GROWL" installed


    Confirm using built-in Dodge- and Burn native Aperture


    Set as: New Projects automatically generate previews


    Don't hessitate asking more info, if necessary for tracing the problem...


    Thanks again for helping!

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    Anyone?  Hmm, your MBP seems to be very similar to my 17" MBP, and I do not have those performance issues, maybe my graphics card is faster.


    I still think Aperture might be doing some basic maintainance work after importing your images.

    Please start the Activity Viewer once again from the Aperture Application Window:

         Window -> Show Activity


    If Aperture is doing something in the background, you should see something like this:



    Is there any activity going on?





    Added: if you do not see any activity that explains the sluggish behaviour, create a small sample library, and try if Aperture is as slow on a brand new test library. If that is not the case, repair or rebuild your main library, as outlined in the

    Aperture 3: Troubleshooting Basics: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3805

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    Thanks again for your patience. I realized that apparently I had opened the "Activity" pogram itself, thus I could not see your above illustration, but now I found the right place as a menu point with Aperture, activated Aperture, and the proper activity window, and here is what was said, re my screen dump below. I noticed also when burning a chosen image that the small rainbow wheel kept running constantly, so that I could not have any visuable effect of my adjustments....So, I will try out your good proposal and repair/rebuild the main library. I believe to remember that it's done (the repair) by starting up Aperture by some keyboard combination, but can't remember which one, but maybe it is described in the link which you kindly sent me....



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    Thanks a lot to LeonieDF for great help. It WORKS fine after a "Rebuild" of the database - the two first repair-options did not change things to the better!

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    It WORKS fine after a "Rebuild" of the database -

    Good to know you could solve the problem. Enjoy Aperture!