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I'm really confused why my having Spotify Unlimited impacts my iPod and connection to iTunes. It's really frustrating. I updated from the free Spotify to unlimited 2 days ago, and since then I haven't been able to connect my iPod to iTunes, despite deliberately NOT syching my iPod to Spotify and not linking my local files. I uninstalled Spotify last night and was able to connect iPod to iTunes just fine this morning. I then reinstalled Spotify, and the same thing is happening. Also, I'm seeing my iTunes playlists in Spotify.


I just want Spotify to be Spotify, on its own, with no link to my iTunes. And I want my iTunes to be iTunes, where I can plug in my iPod, move music on/off, add sycn my podcasts. Seems I can't do this so long as I have Spotify, and I just don't get it. Everything was fine until I gave Spotify $4.99.


Please help!

iPod nano, 3rd generation nano