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I have read in several places that this camera is compatible with imovie 11 and that I should be able to acquire video from the canon via imovie 11 (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=iMovie/9.0/en/mov39f84285.html)


If the camera is in playback mode, I can import whatever is in the sd - but if I put it in record mode (stand by) and go to file>import from camera, it only recogizes the isight.


What am I missing?



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    As confirmed in http://help.apple.com/imovie/cameras/en/index.html, your Canon VIXIA HF M300 is supported by iMovie 9 (alternatively called iMovie '11) with the following caveats:


      • http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2646


      • http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3395


    After considering those limitations, the instructions in http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=iMovie/9.0/en/mov39f85198.html should help you get it working.





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    been there, done it all. nothing.

    any other suggestions??

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    mccosha wrote: ... any other suggestions??


    Only one.


    If the problem is the same on both your Macs, perhaps you missed something in the instructions.  Study the camcorder's user guide manual again for connected operation (some cams must be connected to wall, some must have LCD door open, some must be on standby, some must have tape removed, etc.)  Then carefully review the related iMovie help articles. 


    If you cannot correct the problem by carefully following all instructions and trying all suggestions (try different cables, starting the camcorder before launching iMovie, etc.), take your camcorder and Mac to your nearest Apple-Authorized Service Provider for professional help.





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    yeah, it's interesting... however, both have Lion and the same version of everything.

    The camera manual has nothing regarding what to do to connect to a MAC software - and is very skimpy as far as windows goes too... I just bought a 500.00 camera that's supposed to work from the get go (having another one that is not listed as compatible...) and when it causes more headache and is more time consuming than "getting and going", it's rather frustrating.

    I also see I am not the only one with the issue - many many people on the web with the same problem - and all the QA steps are guesses, I really have not seen anyone addressing the issue in an effective manner (actually stating what the problem is).



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    mccosha wrote: ... I just bought a 500.00 camera that's supposed to work from the get go (having another one that is not listed as compatible...


    Have you consulted? Canon's Support FAQs for your camera:


    For example, response to: "Camcorder is not recognized when connected to the computer via USB " (Loading time for copy and paste search is LONG.)






    If none of the FAQs get you sorted, perhaps calling Canon Support can help you: 1-800-OK-CANON







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    Yes, I have, in fact.

    It can't be the cable because connection IS established with the mac via iPhoto provided the camera is on Display mode.

    It's not the camera because it works in Windows in VRT mode.


    iMovie does not see it.

    FInal Cut Pro does not see it.


    yes, all the rebooting, the camera connected to the AC socket, there are no other USB devices connected,


    Called Canon. Since it works in Windows, they said the problem is with Apple.

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    mccosha wrote: ... Canon.... said the problem is with Apple.


    Then you have your answer, even though you are unhappy that it is not the answer you wanted.


    If you are determined to use a camcorder to record directly into iMovie, consider the following:


    (1) Apple's http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=iMovie/9.0/en/mov39f84285.html clearly tells us that a "tape-based camera or camcorder" is necessary to record directly into iMovie.


    If I understand the specs correctly, your Canon VIXIA HF M300 uses Flash Memory rather than tape as its recording medium, so it does not meet the "tape-based" requirement.


    (2) I looked at the Canon web support page in response to: "What is the Mac compatibility of my camcorder? " (Loading time for copy and paste search is LONG.)


    The posted Canon info states, in part, that"


    Note: Proper operation is not guaranteed.


    This response tells me is that you should be able to import files from your camcorder's memory card to iMovie for editing.  However, Canon makes no promise that your USB camera can work as a video source for recording directly to your Mac's hard disk through iMovie.


    (3) Apple's information has been consistent since at least November, 2008.  I know this because I had a Canon VIXIA HV30 at the time, and I used it to record directly into iMoive.  I later also tested the successor model VIXIA HV40.  Both of these camcorders use tape, and both worked to record directly info iMovie with no problem (and great video quality.)


    I do not know how recently you bought your camcorder or how long Canon's information has been available.  If Canon only published its information after you bought your camcorder, or if you were unaware of the info when you made your purchase decision, perhaps Canon or your retailer will allow you credit for your VIXIA HF M300 in trade for a tape-based Canon VIXIA HV40 or Canon VIXIA HV30 so you can record directly into iMovie.






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    You know, I am starting to learn that when it comes to Apple, COMPATIBILITY means something diferent than what it means to the rest of the world.

    This is BS !!



    Now, you are telling me I have to not only find out if it's COMPATIBLE but WHAT KIND of compatibility is there? pluease.

    I gave Apple 300 bucks for a copy of Final Cut Pro, spent another 500 on a COMPATIBLE camera that turns out, after becomes a PhD on the issue its NOT compatible???

    I am SO sick of this - bought a compatible keyboard last year that was listed as and not compatible AT ALL. Bought a webcam from Logitech, listed as compatible - same headache.



    "You can record video directly into iMovie using your computer’s built-in iSight camera or a tape-based camera or camcorder."


    I can record video directly into iMovie with an external webcam. Where do you see that listed??


    2. THIS page lists the cameras COMPATIBLE with imovie.


    the notes say:


    Additional compatibility notes

    • iMovie ’11 works with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod nano (5th generation), and iPod touch (4th generation).
    • iMovie ’11 works with most Mini DV tape-based camcorders using DV and HDV formats, which use a FireWire cable (also known as IEEE 1394 or i.Link) to transfer video.
    • Digital still cameras and other types of tapeless video devices—including some video phones and other hybrid devices—often import their video clips into iPhoto. Some compatible video clips stored in the iPhoto library can be accessed directly from the iMovie Event Library. For more information on importing these files, see Importing video from a USB camcorder or camera.
    • To find devices supported by previous versions of iMovie, see: iMovie ’08, iMovie ’09.


    upon choosing CANON and CAMCORDER you get to the following info:

    Canon LEGRIA HF M300AVCHDMemoryPALVideo stabilization limitations more...

    the MORE takes you to:




    Now, FUNNY, it DID NOT occur to me that after doing all this research, READING WHAT APPLE LISTS AS LIMITATIONS, I'd have to look even FURTHER for the compatibility I needed.


    Are you really REALLY serious??

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    sometimes with canon you have to plug it in then import the video into iphoto and then into imovie from there.

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    mccosha wrote: ... Are you really REALLY serious??

    Not nearly so serious as you.  Take a breath and relax.


    Canon told you that "Proper operation is not guaranteed." with the camcorder you chose.  It appears they were correct.






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    I had similar issues to you with my new Canon Vixia HFM500. I am running Lion 10.7 and have iMovie ’09 v8.0.6.


    The first problem to solve is getting the Mac to see the camera and mount it as a drive. In my case I had to do the following:

    1. “Complete initialize” of my SD card. You can do this through the camera’s setting menus. If you don't want to lose your current videos then try this using another SD card.
    2. Connect camera via USB to the Mac. Turn on the camera and put it in playback mode. In a few seconds you should see a drive mounted on your desktop called Canon or “Untitled”. 
      Note: Depending on your settings, iphoto may try to open and download your videos. I turned this off by going to iphoto preferences-> Connecting camera opens -> No application
    3. A this point you can open the drive on the camera and copy the files to your Mac. If you want to open in iMovie then go to step 4
    4. iMovie->File->Import from camera. A window should appear showing thumbnails for the videos to import.
      Note: If you have videos in AVCHD and .mp4 format then iMovie ’09 will only show the .mp4 videos. Import these videos first and delete from your camera. Then reconnect your camera and follow steps 1-4 and you will see the AVCHD videos and can import them.


    I agree with your frustration with Apple service, iMovie, etc. The company is getting increasingly arrogant and less customer friendly. As their products become more mainstream Apple needs to be more responsive to the issues of customers and not jump to putting the problem off to other vendors. 

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    Hello tryN2hlp,

    I am wondering with the canon hf m500 (which I am thinking if getting too), you can simply record all footage in MP4 and that makes it easier to be recognized in iMovie and would be as good quality?

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    Been using this camera for teh past 2 months with great results.


    The easiest way I have found to get the videos onto my Mac is to simply remove the SD card from the camera. Then plug the SD card into the Mac using the USB card reader that came with the purchase of my cards. When I do this I immediately see the SD card as a mounted drive in FINDER.


    Then I open iMOvie and import the videos from the SD card. I have no trouble with movies in AVCHD or MP4.