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Recently i had noticed a problem with my iphone 4 which is that when i played music with the earphones, the left side of the earphone plays the sound much louder than the right side, initially i thought it was the stereo effect of the song but after i tried it with many other songs the problem still remains. So does that mean there is something wrong with my earphone or it's a software problem? and how should i resolve the problem?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Hello I recently had the problem, but in opposite earbuds (right much louder than left). What fixed it for me was going to the accesibility menu (settings,general,accesibility) then turning on the mono feauture and centering the slider between right and left. I noticed that it made the left earbud match the right, but was in mono instead of stereo (which was to be expected). When I turned the mono feature off, the left earbud remained as loud as the right and it was in stereo. Not sure if this is the best way to fix it, but it sure worked for me

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    Ok, that might sound like shamanism... but your solution Kaybeeoh worked for me!

    My left earbud (one without the microphone) was louder than the right when listening to music on my Mac. I went to Settings->Universal Access and switched on Mono. Then used Sound preferences to set balance to middle (I could still hear difference between both earbuds at that point). Finally, I switched Mono off... and it worked! Now both earbuds play stereo with the same loudness. Weird.


    Anyway - I'd be interested to see what the proper solution should be (if there is one).

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    Are you using the earbuds that came with it? I think this has happened with very pair I've gotten with an Apple device.

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    All I did was turn off the Mono.