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If there is a list of definitions of Badges in the Aperture user manual, I can't seem to find it. It doesn't turn up when you search Badges. (there should be a glossary)


Does anyone know if there is such a list?


Here's a sample of what I'm talking about.




I'd guess Bulls Eye and Price Tag. (but all my pictures are priceless)

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    Look here:


    How Badge Overlays Appear in Aperture: 
    http://documentation.apple.com/en/aperture/usermanual/index.html#chapter=11%26se ction=9%26tasks=true


    The Bull's eye means: "edited in an external editor", the baggage label means: "keywords have been assigned".


    And I like the badges , I have this page even bookmarked!




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    Um ...

    1 Open Loop wrote:

    If there is a list of definitions of Badges in the Aperture user manual, I can't seem to find it. It doesn't turn up when you search Badges. (there should be a glossary)

    Possibly your User Manual is out of date or isn't working properly.


    The link Léonie supplied is the top hit when I search for "Badge". 


    When I search for "Badges" it is the second-from-the-top hit.


    The Aperture Glossary is at the end of the User Manual.  Scroll to the bottom of the User Manual ToC or use the search field and search for "Glossary".

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    Perhaps 1 Open Loop only has the Quick Introduction Aperture 3: Exploring Aperture from the Aperture Help Page: http://documentation.apple.com/en/aperture/


    and not the User Manual:

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    It appears my user manual is up to date and working. (not sure if I would say properly)


    I searched Badges and the link leonieDF provided did not come up.


    Search Badge and it does. (sheesh)


    That is if you search the version of the user manual from the Aperture Help menu. If you search the Aperture Help manual from the web based version (http://documentation.apple.com/en/aperture/) both searches will provide the Understanding Badge Overlays links. (bigger sheesh)


    This is why Aperture is considered more of a Pro application. If you're looking for something in a Pro application User Manual, you either need to be very specific when you search, or make sure you search the correct version of the same manual. It's best if you not only know exactly what you're looking for, but where it actually is in the manual. Better still, a Pro doesn't need a User Manual at all. They buy the software, figure out how it works, including all the cool undocumented stuff and write their own user manual. Then they come here and help all the non-Pros.


    For non-Pro applications, you can search badgers and it knows you're really trying to understand the definition and use of the term Badge and it will give you each and every possible reference and/or variation of the word Badge. (badge, badges, badging, badged, badge-a-lot, etc.) 


    Frank should have written the user manual. Then you could search bdges and all the necessary links would come up. Much more helpful.


    Sent Apple feedback on adding a glossary and improving their User Manual search algorithm. That should fix things.


    (if you haven't guessed, most of this post is supposed to be funny)

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    See my earlier response.


    You are searching the web based version of the user manual. Not the one that comes up when you use the user manual that pops up in Aperture when you use the Help menu.


    Also, you can search both badge and badges in the web version and both will give you the link you are showing.


    However, if you search badges in the user manual in the Help menu, you won't get that link in the search result.



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    Nope. I wasn't searching the quick introduction. I searched the User Manual, the one that comes up using the Help Menu in Aperture.

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    In Frank's version "Bgdes" and even "bagdss" will yeild the needed result, and if you press the microphone icon and say "Price Tag thingie" a voice asks "I've found results for 'Luggage Tag thingie' -- would you like to see them?".  It's very very Pro. 


    More helpfully: I use the on-line User Manual because it is always up-to-date.  Afaict, Apple makes tiny unnannounced changes to it regularly, some of which seem to have come from discussion we've had here (no way, of course, to know).

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    My local User Manual is (from the cover page):

    Last updated: 2011-10


    and brings up the same search results for "Badge" and "Badges" as the on-line version.


    What version do you have?  Have you run Software Update or done the App Store upgrade recently?

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    I'm not sure this is an up to date issue. Both manuals have what I was looking for. It's just that the one you access inside Aperture seems to have a different search algorithm, since it won't give me the result that I need when I add an "s" to the word I'm searching for.


    Either way, I think I will use the web based one for now. Knowing that I can get different results. Plus, you are probably right that they keep the web based one up to date.

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    I have the same, Last updated: 2011-10


    Software Update only shows iTunes 10.5.2 needing updateing.


    App store does not list any needed updates for Aperture.



    Version 3.2.2

    Build 5840000.1




    But I have my answer now.


    Thanks everyone.