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I just got a macbook pro.  I am trying to shut it down for the first time, but everytime I go to apple menu -> shutdown, It says that safari cancelled shut down.  It says I need to go to safari and click shut down but that option is gray and it won't let me shut safari down to shut my computer down.  Please help.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), iOS 5.0.1
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    Try this:


    Hold the option and control keys together, then click on the Safari icon in the dock  (option-right-click). Select "Force-quit".  Does this get you unstuck?



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    Have you tried to quit Safari from the Safari drop down on the top menu bar?


    Or, click the apple in the upper left corner and Force Quit?


    Or control-click the Safari icon on the dock?


    Those should let you force quit Safari.

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    Open the Force Quit dialogue;

     > Force Quit, select Safari and click to quit

    (alternatively try opt -cmd-esc to open the window)


    Then try shut down again.


    If the problem persists, use your free telephone support to

    a) get more ideas

    b) register the fact that you have a problem with your new Mac


    Ultimately if it continues, you can return the Mac for a refund or replacement as long as it's within the first 14 days.