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Hi everyone-

I have been trying unsuccessfully for several weeks to move my 30,000 song iTunes library from my iMac (Lion) to a new PC at my office which runs Windows 7. I am using a 1TB external hard drive formatted FAT to move the files. I found several tutorials online that seemed to give clear instructions, but so far nothing has worked. I am looking for clear instructions and/or a link to clear instructions, if anyone can share this.

Below, for those interested, is a brief synopsis of steps taken so far.

Thanks in advance!





1. Read that just dragging the folder onto the PC won't work, as the Mac-PC indexing of file locations is totally different, so didn't bother with that.

2. Set library to 'consolidate,' setting did not stay! Repeated this three times, third time the setting remained.

3. Tried changing the library location to the external HD, then changed it back to the default location in hopes iTunes would copy the contents over. It added all movie and apps to the database, but didn't transfer the files over. It didn't add any music files to the database!

4. Set preferences to organize my library, then closed, then set to not organize, then closed, then set to organize and closed again (did this set-reset after reading a suggestion to do so on a website).

5. Double-checked the consolidate radio button was selected.

6. Used Add Folder to add the iTunes/Media/Music folder to iTunes. Almost all songs were added to the database, but no songs were added to the PC's default folder.

7. Gave up and asked for help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)